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Bachelor Of Engineering (Hons) (Chemical Engineering)

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Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering covering the design and operation of industrial plants for the conversion of raw materials into useful value-added products by econimic, hazard-free, environtment-friendly processes. The engineer should be trained in applying physics,chemistry and mathematics in indentifying and analysing problems, synthesizing optimum solutin. He will need to have the skills to tackle multi-disciplinary problems and work in the team as well as on his own. We aim to produce professional and ethical graduates who have the capacity to;

  • Contributes to the community at large

  • Contributesto the industrial development of the country by practising in chemical engineering and allied industries in particular the sectors of agro-based processing, petrochemical and biotechnology.

  • Manage the nation's resources responsibly in the aspects of environment, safety, health and social welfare.

  • Constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills in keeping pace with the latest technology in chemical engineering

Chemical engineers are in demand in the manufacturing, processing industry to manage frequently large scale process plants producing food, agricultural chemicals, medicine, consumer products, oil and gas, and petrochemicals. Students study, among others, thermodynamics, safety and loss prevention plant design, management and accounting.

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