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Bachelor Of Science (Hons) (Mathematics)

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Mathematics is defined as a learning / study of quantity, structure patterns , changes and space , or in other words , the study of numbers and diagrams. Mathematics is also a survey that describes the structure of abstract aksiomatik using logic and mathematical symbols . Mathematics is seen as a simple extension to the language of conversation and writing , vocabulary and grammar are very clear , to explain and explore the physical and conceptual relationship .

Mathematics is also a body of knowledge based on concepts like quantity , structure, space , and change , and scientific research disciplines related thereto; Benjamin Peirce called it " the science that draws necessary conclusions " . It evolved , through the use of pemujaradan and logical reasoning , from counting , calculation , measurement , and review the forms and movement of physical objects . Members explore mathematical concepts are intended to formulate new patterns and establish their truth by rigorous editing selected by axioms and definitions appropriate .

Knowledge and use of basic mathematics to always be in the present and for the life of individuals and groups. Refinement of the basic ideas are visible ancient mathematical texts originating in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia , Ancient India and Ancient China , increased rigor was introduced by the Ancient Greeks. So far, the development does not proceed in a very promising until the Renaissance in the 16th century in which mathematical innovations interacting with new scientific discoveries that led to an acceleration in the continued understanding .

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