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Tips to score an A Grade for SPM Repeat

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 18, 2021, 11:48 am

Just because you failed once does not mean that you will fail the second time or keep on failing. To achieve success, we must create a strategy - including how we are going to overcome SPM repeat papers. Making a strategy will help to reduce the feeling of burden, increase the confidence in your abilities and prevent stress and extreme depression. Even if you have failed once before, remember that failure is not an obstacle to success but an enabler to better success. So, check out our strategies to help you succeed in your repeat exam!

1. Prepare a Study Schedule

A study schedule is very important if you want to succeed in your repeat papers. Every relevant aspect must be present - especially rest time, meal time, study time, which subject should be focused on first and so on.

Be sure to plan your schedule properly so that your brain does not get too exhausted and there is a balance. If the brain is exhausted, it will not function properly. When the brain shuts down, all the knowledge that is acquired will be lost.

Our advice is, in the last few days before the exam, try not to refer to the reference book too much. Just do more exercises and answer more questions. Try to make the reference book only as a last resort when answering questions that you really don’t know the answer to. Try to watch videos related to the chapter you are studying on YouTube to help you better remember facts and help you understand better, especially reading subjects like History. If the subject is Mathematics, watch a video on how to solve math problems. You can practice with them.

2. Mentally Prepare Yourself to Enter the Examination Hall

On the first day of the exam, you might feel some odd feelings. Chills, stomach aches, cold hands and feet, and worst of all, the brain ceases to function properly. You might also try to remember all of the chapters you have studied but your memory is impaired by an anxiety attack. Which is why you need to make mental preparations for yourself before you enter the examination hall.

Our advice? Make a thorough preparation. Make sure to bring your examination slips, identity card, and enough stationery during your examination day. All of this is important so as to not affect your mental wellbeing. 

3. Know the Proper Techniques to Answer the Questions Correctly

This aspect is the most crucial. This is especially important when answering subjective questions! You need to know the technique of answering the question correctly. The technique is as follows:

  • Introduction (at the end of the introductory paragraph include a list of facts or a thesis statement)
  • Facts (content)
  • Description below each fact
  • Closing

4. Forget the Details in the Book

So, it’s a few days before the exam, but you did not have enough time to read and study all of the chapters in your textbook. Worry not. Just focus on the important points, then figure out how to elaborate on those points until it makes somewhat sense. That’s pretty much it, really.

5. Revise the Questions Several Times

Try not to waste time scanning each chapter from the book. If you have run out of time to master a specific chapter, the only solution is to keep on revising the questions. From there, you can already decipher the format of the questions as well as which topic they might ask in the exam.

The textbook is only to be used as a reference if you forget the more important facts. To get some sample questions, check out a YouTube video for it. For example, a Mathematics paper does not really put importance on the question itself, but the method used to answer the question. So, get good at mastering the methods to answer the questions!

Another tip from us, try studying the questions. Study the question until you remember, so if the same question comes out in your exam, you will remember better.

Finally, good luck to you all. Remember, that the most successful people are the ones who keep failing and bounce back from that and those who are great at managing time!

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