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Score in Your English SPM Paper with These Tips!

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 24, 2022, 11:58 am

Like all the countless years before, SPM starts with the language papers. Most people would have mixed feelings for these papers, especially English. Some might even say that the English paper is one of the hardest, if not the most challenging, in SPM! However, some people might breeze through the paper as if it’s nothing. This is because there is no concrete method to study English. How are you supposed to improve in a language that you speak every day? Well, here are some valuable tips that you might find convenient to help you with your English papers.

1. Don’t just read—understand what you’re reading. 

A big part of the English exam consists of comprehension. You cannot just read the passage in the question paper. You have to understand what you are reading to answer the questions correctly. Read the passage a few times over and over if you have to understand the passage's message. Take care not to take too long to read, or you won’t have enough time to write down your answers!

2. Be a grammar Nazi. 

To ace your English paper, you have to be very particular about your grammar. Even a minor spelling error or misuse of a word in your essays will cost you precious marks. So be sure to take proper care of your punctuation, sentence structure and overall flow of sentences when writing so that not only do they make sense, but they are grammatically correct as well.

3. Make the dictionary your best friend. 

We don’t actually mean you to take a dictionary and study it. However, instead of just reading the dictionary, it can be super helpful to learn new words and their meanings to make use of them while writing your essay. Learning new words and definitions could also help you during those problematic trick questions!

4. Practise writing. 

When it comes to writing, the only way to improve your writing is to practice. Only by doing lots and lots of practice will you gradually improve your writing skills. Try doing some past year essay questions and use your pen and paper to write a bunch of different essays. Compare your written answers with some of the given answers and see where you can improve based on your writing. If writing stories is your strong suit, try writing more factual essays and vice versa.

5. Be confident. 

Before entering the examination hall, all you can do is be confident. However, with the number of preparations you have made, you should be confident enough to score excellent marks and ace the exam!

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