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Most popular education myths in Malaysia

Published by on Aug 03, 2020, 02:50 pm

Remember when everyone around you was keep repeating that you have to do extremely well in school so that you can get into a good university? Otherwise your future will be doomed. Well, never mind that. Here you go with a few of education myths among Malaysians that you’ve probably heard of or even experienced in your student life. Let’s expose them!

Students from the last class/sits in the last row don’t have a future

It is an all known stereotype that students those sit in the last row of tables in the class are seen as the foolish ones which is completely not true.

Getting a study loan will make you poor

Don’t be afraid to take a study loan. If you have the thought that it will make you poor, you are wrong. Being financially assisted to further your studies can help you in the long run.

Studying at a private university means you’re not smart

Many have thought that only rich students that couldn’t get themselves into public universities didn't have any choice but to opt for private universities.

Students from science stream are smarter than the art stream students

As we all know high schools are divided into two streams which are science and art stream. Science may sound fancier, but so does art. It is unfair to categorize one stream as smarter than the other.

If your English isn’t good, you’re not smart

It is a very common stereotype among Malaysians to see those who speak good English as smart, intelligent individuals and the opposite of that for the ones whose English isn’t so good.

We feel like there are many other misconceptions about education among Malaysians that need to be revealed. But what we've listed are the most popular ones. What are your thoughts? Have you experienced any of this misconception from your parents, friends, aunt or uncle?

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