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How to Make it Through University Alive

Published by on Jan 24, 2017, 04:57 pm

There have always been a number of students who regret ever joining the course they picked. It doesn’t matter what course you talk about, there’s bound to be a handful of them who complain and wish they could get into a DeLorean and go back in time, just like in Back to the Future. We’ve already covered why students end up choosing the wrong course before, but now let’s talk about the proper steps you could take, the lengths you’ll need to go when you choose a course.

1. Ask questions

Don’t be shy to ask some questions. After all, there’s no harm in asking and it’s better than being confused and unsure

Most kids say they enrolled in the wrong course because they had no knowledge of what the course had in store for them. That means either they didn’t read up on the course, or they did but were left confused. What is the solution? Don’t be shy when asking a question, even if you don’t think you can phrase it properly. Always remember English is just a language, not a measurement of someone’s intelligence. Don’t be afraid, ask even if it sounds silly. Ask counsellors, friends, people in general, about the course you wish to pursue. Ask engineers, lawyers, writers who have been through what you will, ask them everything that crosses your mind until, either you grow weary, or they do! Remember, curiosity killed the cat, not the university student!


2. Be responsible

Entering university is when the transition to adolescence to adulthood happens. It’s the time when you should learn how to be mature

You will be leaving the comfy nest you’ve been nestled in since birth. Like a baby bird, you’ve been under your parent’s wing for protection, kept in a bubble from the outside world. Are your parents the ones enrolling you in courses, filling in the forms and submitting them for you? Are you forcing them to take you hundreds of kilometres away to view different campuses? Well then you should stop, and start being responsible. Tell them you’ll do it. University means growing up, being independent, popping out of the bubble that sheltered you all those years. Gone are the days where you would depend on people for things and start becoming mature. The only person you should count on is yourself.

3. Work hard

With hard work and great effort, you will go further than you think

Many people say, “Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were drop-outs. So, if they can make it so can I”. What is the problem with this scenario? People fail to understand how their brilliant minds dropped out by choice, because they became young entrepreneurs who created companies with limitless potential that helped them get to where they are today. How did they manage that? They worked hard and gained the knowledge to become the intellectual beings they are known for today. Now, I hear you say, but I’m not smart! Well we’re all equals, and there is nothing that cannot be achieved through sheer hard work and determination, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

4. It’s okay to be afraid

There is nothing wrong with being afraid as it is a human nature but you need to eventually tell yourself that you can overcome this

Picture this: You move into your dormitory on campus, complete with a musky and dusty cupboard. Once inside and alone (The room, not the cupboard silly!), you, already  missing home, decide to open said cupboard and find a first-year book of medicine, engineering or law left behind by the previous owner, with words smaller than you’ve ever seen. The pages go on and on, longer than a Harry Potter novel. Your heart sinks. You want to cry. You think to yourself, “I can’t do this”. What should you do? Well, first, cry if you want to because it’s perfectly normal to be scared. Cry as much as you want, initially. What’s important is what you do after that, when you wipe your last tear, you need to tell yourself that being scared is all part and parcel of college, and that you can do it, and then proceed to work hard and make it happen. The only things stopping you from achieving your dream are excuses.

5. Relax

Life is not all about studying. Sometimes, you need to take a chill pill with your friends

All work and no play make jack a dull boy. You’ve probably read that in an English essay somewhere in secondary school. But it could not be any truer. We’re not saying relax all the time and procrastinate. Once you’ve done your part, once you’ve studied and prepared endlessly, remind yourself that college is a once in a lifetime experience. Go out and see your friends, socialise, allow yourself to relax, mentally and emotionally. Remember, you are in control of your mind, so go easy on yourself.

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