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Do You Know the SPM 2018 Timetable?

Published by on Nov 12, 2018, 10:45 am

The moment form 5 students around Malaysia have been dreading is almost upon us! That's right - SPM 2018 starts TOMORROW. Are you prepared? Do you have all that you need? Make sure you read know these Must Know SPM Survival Tips to ensure you get through the daunting exam. Want to score straight As? Give our 6 Must Know Strategies to Score Straight As in SPM article a read. Below though, is something every student needs to have with them throughout the exam- the SPM 2018 timetable. Print it, keep a copy with you at all times so you know exactly what exam is next, what time it is and most importantly - don't forget to cross each one out the moment it finishes!

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