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COVID 19: Top Student Shares His Journey in International Business and How His Studies are Helping Him Prepare for Life after Graduation

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 27, 2021, 11:26 am

Hi! My name is Mohd Sufyan bin Shamsir, a 22-year-old student at Management and Science University (MSU) pursuing Bachelor in International Business (Hons) after Foundation in Business at the same uni.

Business has always been intriguing to me because it is limitless in focus; there’s marketing, e-commerce, management, logistics, investment, and so many more.

In my opinion, studying business is extremely useful; especially right now, right smack in the middle of COVID-19. Not only are the career prospects bright but subfields such as e-commerce can also teach aspiring entrepreneurs such as myself on what sells, what doesn’t, and the entire process of how it all works. I feel that my business studies allow me to explore more and increase my creativity as well as innovation potential in the field.

Why did I choose MSU in particular? I had always heard about MSU from family and friends and even in secondary school, which was SMK Seksyen 7. All the talk about MSU piqued my curiosity, which bloomed into serious consideration when I discovered that the MSU campus atmosphere is exactly what I had wanted my university life to be made of.

The culture at MSU is very positive and intercultural competency is strongly encouraged. We celebrate all the main cultural events such as Aidil Fitri, Chinese New Year, and Deepavali. There is also the international student body called ISS, whose presence is a breath of fresh air with much to see and sample from food to fashion.

And the campus facilities are excellently convenient. There are so many choices for what to eat on campus, and now it gets even better with all the popular brands on board – Starbucks, Subway, and Chicken Guy. The library is another fun hangout because it’s not just a place where you can read and study but also relax or blow off steam with board games, movies, and karaoke.

Yet it is the lecturers and staff at MSU that have made my MSU experience so treasured. Always friendly and attentive, they can be quite strict sometimes, but it’s understandable as we do need discipline in life. My academic journey has been very tough, but my lecturers and especially my mentor have been there every step of the way, helping and guiding.

It is with their help that I managed to score a spot in the MSU Dean’s List every semester throughout my foundation, and eventually, at 3.75 CGPA, the Best Student award for Foundation in Business. Now on the degree programme and a 3.79 CGPA, I’ve been on the Dean’s List every semester!

In class, we have courses that require us to collaborate with companies, expatriates, and industries. We also learn to be giving and grateful – the 2G culture – that ensures we give back to society through community engagement. Employable skills is another active area we constantly work on, facilitated by the University’s Student & Career Development (SCD) Department.

The international opportunities here are also never ending. Thanks to their Global Leadership Programme (GLP), students are equipped with the leadership potential, professional skills, and international experience to pursue a truly international career. I, myself, have participated in the GLP to Bali (2020), Cambodia (2019), and Surabaya (2019)!

To a student of international business such as I am, my main challenge is in building a global mindset. Thinking in the context of international as a whole may sound easy but it actually gets trickier the more you learn about all the extenuating factors. Thankfully, everything I’ve learned at MSU has shaped my mind in the way of thinking critically and globally; a skill I know will be useful come time to embark on my career.

My future plans are pretty humble. Currently, my goal is to work for other companies first to gain a deeper understanding of how the business world works, and eventually start my own unique company that can help local businesses uplift the Malaysian economy.

Studying at MSU means embracing the University aspirations towards ‘Transforming Lives, Enriching Future”, which is the platform I need to develop myself as an individual and help others in our journey through life.

MSU is not just an institution. Being here feels like home among family. It’s a compact campus that even has its own hospital right next door, just beside the student accommodation The Residence. It’s an environment like no other!

And I do love all the activities on campus that I joined practically everything! I was Vice Program Director of the MSU Safe and Sound this year and also MSU Representative to the Asia Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE). I’m President of the MSU Student Representatives Council (SRC) 2020/2021 and was Vice-President of the SRC 2019/2020. What can I say? I love being a busy guy!

MSU has also helped me financially. During my foundation years, I secured a waiver of 1 free semester – a total of RM4,000 saved! The University is just brimming with amazing opportunities. If you're planning to study in a business field, Bachelor in International Business programme offered by MSU is the answer. This programme gives you a broad and practical insight on how businesses operate in local and an international context.

Find out more about Bachelor in International Business (Hons) offered by Management & Science University (MSU) today!

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