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Check Your KADS1M Debit-i Application Online Using This Link (Updated: The System is now Online)

Published by Afterschool.my on May 28, 2017, 01:02 pm

The KADS1M may be multi-purpose and can do lots of wonders but the downside to it is that, the KADS1M has no online system. Many students have been complaining about this problem, but now, it’s all about to change.

You can now enter your IC number in one of the links given in order to access your KADS1M system online

(UPDATE: Did you know that you can use the online checking system to view the status of your current application even if you have not received an e-mail?)

Students have complained about the fact that there has not been any update regarding their KADS1M applications. No e-mails, no answers. Therefore, it was a relief to hear how a new system is being set up so students may check on their applications online from now on. All you have to do is enter your IC number and it’ll immediately show you the latest on your application. The system is now online. I repeat, the system is now online. This is not a drill.

For more information:

Click here to head directly to the link right now. Please remember that many people will attempt to log in right away, so be patient.

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