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9 Senior Year Memories Malaysians Can Never Forget

Published by on Jul 24, 2020, 10:09 am

For better or worse, many of us never forget our good old high school days: unrequited cute crushes, parental pressure, chronic embarrassment and above all else, competition - socially, athletically and eminently in academic. Most importantly, all throughout high school, you hear a lot about senior year from other seniors, teachers or even your parents. They recount fond memories from their senior year and even put a little bug in your ear to make the best out of your high school senior year that you will be commemorating for the rest of your life. Here are a couple of high school senior year memories Malaysians can never forget.

Graduation day

Graduation is kind of the epitome of what defines a milestone, isn’t it? High school graduation on the senior year is the dream everyone strives during their high school days. Graduating high school certainly does close the door on one era and begins a new one. It is the stepping stone into the nerve-racking world of higher education.

Prom night

Prom should be fully embraced as just something fun, instead of something laced with anxiety and the pressure to look a certain way. Wear that winged liner and bold lip. Don't wear a full length dress if you don't want to. Wear heels or wear combat boots. But most importantly, wear a smile. If you're not having fun, what’s the point?

Nak study apa?!Choosing a study of career and college preparedness stress is one of the haunting thing for high school seniors. Whether or not to start at a two-year or four-year school, the stresses of leaving home for the first time and adjusting to new ways of learning in the college environment are few of the things cause major anxiety for high school seniors.

Yearbook and photoshoots

With a yearbook, you’ll always have access to those photos that represent the great memories you have from your time in school, it will be nice to be able to look back and reminisce your time in school, when you spent time with your friends, your teachers and other peers, who you may have never seen again afterwards.

Career week

It will be the time of the year when high school seniors start getting antsy about the post-school career choice. There’s a fear of the unknown, and a fear of being unemployed after higher studies. Almost all the high schools hold career fairs, and it seems like there’s and unspoken pressure for students to attend these events.

Seniors start dissappearing

Reviewing class lessons, finishing homework assignments and studying for tests at a time takes a lot of time and effort. That's exactly why high school seniors just casually start skipping school one or two months before exams with the sole purpose of 'studying at home' and also to excuse themselves from daunting class lessons and homeworks.

Revision campsRevision is one of the least favorite words for students. Even a casual mention of it make students shudder. It always reminds us of dull, repetitive work with little room for fun. But this isn't the case for high school senior year revision camps because we get to have a lot of fun with our favorite group of friends away from home staying in camps.

Exam prep

Exams, like so many other things, are an unavoidable fear of life. Inevitably, some people fare better than others. Some people enjoy the ordeal, viewing exams as a challenge to overcome. But for the vast majority of us, exams are a terrifying weight on our minds that lead to sleepless nights, mental fatigue, and tension.

Farewell to teachers and friendsThe hardest thing about graduating from high school is parting with the teachers and friends you’ve grown close to over the years. Having the last few lessons, clearing out the lockers for the last time, saying the final goodbyes to classmates and teachers and eventually graduating with them and leaving for university can be a little heavy.

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