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5 Reasons You’d Be Crazy NOT to Download’s SPM Revision Guide

Published by on Oct 06, 2017, 07:20 am

6 November 2017. D-day for all form five students nationwide. The end. The beginning. The day SPM 2017 commences.

With just a month till SPM 2017 kicks off, students of all moulds start to sweat, their knees become weak, their arms become heavy. The only antidote? Practice, practice, and more practice. Done practicing? Then, practice some more. You can never get too much revision in, and in accordance with that notion we are proud to present’s SPM Revision Guide (SPMRG) 2017. This legendary book is steeped in secondary school folklore. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons you’d be absolutely bonkers to NOT download this FREE revision guide.

The 10 year anniversary edition (Yes, we’re old!)’s been doing this for a very long time, so long in fact, that this year’s iteration of the SPMRG is our 10th edition. In our decade long pursuit of unparalleled excellence in education, we’ve amassed an arsenal of information that we continue to unleash upon students nationwide. Think we’re exaggerating? More than 1,000,0000 copies of our SPMRG has been distributed since it’s conception, and that number it’s only going to go rise!

Question Created by Experienced Teachers

Our SPMRG questions aren’t made by monkeys in a lab, who we pay in the form of bananas, we assure you! Our SPMRG is instead given the most meticulous treatment, and no stone is left unturned in search of resources. That’s why only the very best teachers, those with experience in marking SPM papers, will suffice. We can’t reveal their identities, because if we did, then we’d have to kill you. What can we tell you about them? Well, they all come bundled with more than 30 years of experience individually, and are masters of their subjects, which conveniently leads us to our third reason.

Some of the SPMRG Questions Have Appeared in SPM

So, what happens when you get stalwarts, teachers who have so much experience you can see it in their pores, to sit down and churn out questions? Well, every now and then, the questions they come up with actually appear in the real thing! Smaller MCQs on select occasions, essay questions on others, our SPMRG may just have mythical powers! So next time you’re going through our SPMRG, pay close attention and you may just see the same thing during your exams.

Fashion May Come and Go, But Style is Forever

Who did say that education has to be boring? We respectfully beg to differ. Point in case: Our SPMRG 2017 is pimped out in the latest style, exam style that is. Not just limited to questions, the SPMRG comes with a guide that has analysis of past papers. Read about past trends, styles of questions and prepare your mind so that even if our SPM Revision Guide doesn’t predict a question correctly, you may just do.

Scorching Trials

We have the hottest thing available to SPM students at this moment, SPM Trial papers, and lots of them! We’ve scoured the country and world wide web for SPM 2017 trial papers from all corners, and have ended up cultivating questions from numerous states and various subjects, just for you! The best part: It’s also FREE! (Are we doing this right?!)

Click here to download our SPM Revision Guide 2017 and/or our SPM 2017 Trial Paper Collection for absolutely FREE!

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