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5 Healthy and Affordable Study Snacks

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 20, 2021, 11:02 am

SPM and STPM examinations are getting closer and closer with time which means you need to be prepared to face them! But while revisions and studying are important, so is the food you consume.

So, here are 5 healthy AND affordable study snacks!

Fresh Fruits

Fruits are great - they’re pretty, tasty and healthy! Some fruits that are great for the brain include bananas (full of vitamins, potassium and fiber with low salt), oranges (citrus fruit intake may help boost mental performance and improve overall brain function), apples (contain fiber and vitamin C), and blueberries (helps prevent memory loss, increases motor skill function and learning capacity).

Dried fruit

If you feel like you might need a fix of sugar in the middle of the study session, you can prepare some dried fruit snacks for yourself. Since fruit is a natural source of sugars, such an option will definitely satisfy your cravings while remaining on the healthier side.

Dark chocolate

Yup, you read that right! As long as you follow the "everything in moderation" rule, this snack can provide benefits like antioxidants and helps with natural stimulation. Dark chocolate also can help with the production of endorphins, helping you conquer your tasks while boosting your mood. Dark chocolate also contains high flavanol content which improves our memory.


Protein is always good for the brain as it helps your brain send messages to the rest of your body, and helps create brain chemicals that improve your mood. And eggs are especially good for the brain when you’re studying. However, you need to eat whole eggs — not just egg whites — to reap their potential brain-function-promoting benefits.

Coffee with milk

A cup of freshly-brewed coffee with some cow’s or plant-based milk won’t be considered brain food for exams but will give you the energy you need. Caffeine will boost your attention, concentration, and motivation, and the milk will give you some protein. Besides, a cup of coffee with milk is usually pretty filling, so you will also feel satisfied and not at all hungry until it is time to have dinner.

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