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16 Things You Need to Know about Form 6/STPM

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 11, 2021, 02:55 am

Are you considering Form 6/STPM but you have too many questions that you are not sure about? Here are 16 commonly asked questions that could, hopefully, help you get a better idea of Form 6.


1. How do I apply to Form 6?

Don’t worry, if you meet the entry requirement, you will be offered a place in Form 6 automatically! Head over to KPM website to check if you are offered within 30 days after the announcement of SPM results.


2. What are the entry requirements?

For SPM leavers, you have to pass Bahasa Melayu in SPM. SPM(U) results can be accepted.

If you wish to pursue Art Stream, you must obtain credits in any THREE subjects in SPM with grade value not exceeding 12.

If you wish to pursue Science Stream, you must obtain credits in any THREE subjects in SPM with grade value not exceeding 18.

SPM Grading System:

GradeScaleGrade Description
A1.00-1.99Cemerlang (Distinction)
B2.00-3.99Kepujian (Credit)
C4.00-5.99Lulus (Pass)
D6.00-7.99Lulus (Pass)
E8.00-8.99Gagal (Fail)
G9.00Gagal (Fail)


3. Can I appeal if I did not get offered?

Yes. Make sure you follow the announcement closely as appeal is usually open for 2 weeks only.


4. What is the fee for STPM?

Good news! If you are studying in government schools, tuition fee is free. You are exempted from exam fees as well. The only fee that you have to pay is MUET (RM100). If you want to re-sit for Semester 1 or 2, it is only RM50 per subject paper.

Tuition fees differ across private institutions. In addition, private and independent candidates have to pay RM120 for STPM registration fee, with an additional RM90 per subject.


5. What are my options after STPM?

STPM is internationally recognized. With STPM, you can apply to Malaysia’s public universities, private institutions and even universities abroad! Put enough hard work and you can earn yourself a free golden ticket to your desired university.


6. What is the new STPM format?


7. How many subjects can I take?

Minimum 4, maximum 5.

If you are taking 5 subjects and you are applying for IPTA, only 4 subjects with the highest grade (including Pengajian Am) will be calculated.

Sounds easier than 10 subjects in SPM? I like your confidence.


8. What are the subjects offered?

Subjects labelled with Malay title are taught in Malay.

Usually, government schools/Form 6 colleges have different combinations of the subjects. Students often transfer to different institutions to go after their desired package. If you wish to switch classes/schools, you should do it as soon as possible so that you will not be left behind in your study.


9. I don’t know which stream I want to choose. Do you have any advice?

Choose based on your interest/future plan. If you really have no idea, try taking free career tests online and go from there. Here’s one:



10. Can I switch streams?

Yes. Register with your offered institution, and then make your request at the office. Different schools may have different ways to handle your request.

For example, in Kolej Tingkatan Enam Desa Mahkota, you will have to complete a psychometric test with the school’s counsellor in order to request for switching fields.


11. Can I transfer to another school/college? How do I know which institution best suits me?


When choosing a Form 6 institution, you may want to consider its location, the courses offered (e.g. some colleges offer ICT, some don’t) and its teaching approach.


12. What should I wear to school?

Tired of wearing school uniforms? You can now wear your favourite colour to school now!

Here are some guidelines for Form 6 student’s attire:

Male students:

  • Short or long-sleeved shirts that are either plain in colour, striped or checkered
  • Batik shirts
  • Ankle-length slacks
  • Covered shoes with socks

Female students:

  • Baju kurung
  • Short or long-sleeved shirts/blouse
  • Knee-length or longer skirt
  • Ankle-length slacks
  • Covered shoes

Note: Jeans, shorts, tight clothings, denim materials and T-shirts are not allowed.


13. Pakai macam ni boleh tak?

Button-up, not too colok mata, and knee-length please.


14. What time do I have to go to school?

You might not be happy to hear this but you will have to go to school before 7.30a.m. Don’t worry, hang in there for 3 semesters. You will be amazed by yourself in the future when you enter university and complain about 8a.m. 1 hour-long classes.

Due to the pandemic, the school time is currently scheduled from 7.30am to 2.00pm only.


15. Is it compulsory to join co-curriculum?

Yes. You will have to participate in clubs and societies (kelab dan persatuan), sports (sukan dan permainan) and uniform body (badan beruniform), just like how you did back in Form 1 to 5.


16. Huh, what? What is the point of joining co-curriculum?

Provide you a chance to bring pride to your school and your family and your friends and yourself.

Okay realistically speaking, your co-curriculum marks can actually help you to stand a higher chance in getting the course you want in the UPU system.

In public institutions, STPM students are selected based on a meritocracy system made up of 90% academic marks and 10% co-curriculum marks. 2 highest marks out of 3 will be taken into account.

Marks aside, enjoy the co-curriculum activities. They can be fun and stress-relieving after a long day of studying!

EXTRA! Study tips, please? I’m crying every time I get home from school.

Relax, head over to 8 Tips to Score Well in STPM for some great tips shared by STPM honourable survivors!

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