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The International Medical University possesses more than 22 years of experience in the health care education and has a highly qualified lectuers that impart quality education through their extensive experience in the relevant field.

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3.67 out of 5 stars

Overall Rating

Anonymous User
Nov 23, 2018
Lack of professionalism

Facilities like swimming pool and gymnasium aren't updated. Laboratories are unorganised and some equipment don't work. Some lecturers don't feel well equipped and capable to teach students.

Anonymous User
Nov 19, 2018
Nothing Special

I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't what I got. They are money hungry and the facilities were falling apart, especially in the main campus. Some lecturers are nice and competent but others were bellow average. BYE.

Anonymous User
Jul 31, 2018
The experience I gain at institution helpful me in work life

Exciting to explore in course I am interested. Students lifestyle was entertain because weakly have events for students whom can involve themselve get know more friends and explore themselves more better.

Anonymous User
Jul 30, 2018
Overall Experience

Overall it was an interesting experience with lecturers whom came from different engineering background.Facilities can be improved but most lecturers who very much dedicated in their teachings which made life as an engineering student more helpful

Anonymous User
Jul 25, 2018

It was a very great and fun experience. The lecturers were always very helpful and finding ways to make studying fun. The best part is having international friends who became family, because no matter where you go, you'll always have a home :)

Anonymous User
Jul 20, 2018
Life in SEGi Kota Damansara

My days at SEGi was considered great. The classes scheduled wasn't too tight to the point where I had no free time at all.Not all lecturers are great but majority of them are very sporting and nice.Although Gym facilities do break down quite frequent

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