Top 10 Overseas Scholarships For Malaysian Students In 2023

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 25, 2023, 04:21 pm

Many students aspire to study overseas, but their aspirations may be shattered when they come to the realization that they lack the financial means to make it happen. Well, here’s good news for you:

There are actually many scholarship for malaysian to study overseas in 2023. Don't miss out on the opportunity to apply for these 10 overseas scholarship malaysia available that includes undergraduate scholarships and postgraduate scholarships so you can kickstart your education journey abroad! Keep in mind that some of these are internal scholarships, which means that in order to apply for one you must first be accepted to the university or have an offer letter sent to you.

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1) The University of Newcastle Australia - ASEAN Excellence Scholarship

The ASEAN Excellence Scholarship has been established to attract high-performing students to study at the University of Newcastle. This is a merit-based scholarship that recognises applicants with a strong academic background and incentives them to continue striving to be the best that they can be.

Courses: All programmes in University of Newcastle is applicable, except for:

  • Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Diagnostic Radiography)
  • Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Radiation Therapy)
  • Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Podiatry.

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you will need to:

  • Hold a passport from one of the eligible "ASEAN" countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam.
  • Be commencing study in an eligible undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree program at the University (excluding ELICOS, Enabling, Non-Award, Higher Degrees by Research programs and programs delivered at offshore campuses).
  • Be an International full-fee paying student.
  • Be commencing in an eligible program at an Australian or Online campus as indicated in your Letter of Offer.
  • Not be the beneficiary of a separate University scholarship unless prior approval for special dispensation has been obtained from the university.
  • Meet all of the financial obligations of a full-fee paying international student, including the full tuition fee and other expenses for the purpose of obtaining your student visa, and in the event that eligibility for the scholarship is not maintained.
  • Not be enrolling in an excluded quota program (see selection details).

Deadline: Ongoing

2) The University of Adelaide Global Citizens Scholarship

This scholarship rewards international students commencing an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification who have received academic merit in their studies.

This scholarship is:

  • Available for students commencing in the period between 2021-2025;
  • Available for commencing direct-entry international undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, including those who are required to undertake a Pre-Enrolment English Program (PEP) prior to their degree commencement;
  • Open to a minimum GPA score;
  • Open to citizens of any country (except Australia and New Zealand);
  • Available for study in any discipline (exceptions apply).

Courses: All programmes are applicable, except:-

  • Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience)
  • Master of Viticulture and Oenology
  • Graduate Diploma of Viticulture and Oenology
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Professions
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Standard 1.5 year program only (CRICOS 059067E)
  • Health and Medical Sciences
  • All programs for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences are EXCLUDED from this scholarship except for (Bachelor of Health & Medical Science, Bachelor of Health & Medical Science (Advanced), Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced)
  • (Honours), Master of Public Health (suite GC and GD), Master of Health Economics & Policy (suite GC and GD), Master of Nursing Science (General)).

Eligibility: The following applicants are not eligible to receive these scholarships:

  • Current University of Adelaide students who are transferring from one program to another prior to successful completion of their program of study (internal transfers);
  • Students who are recipients of a scholarship covering above 50% of tuition fees awarded by a recognised scholarship awarding body such as a government ministry or department;
  • Applicants for Masters by Research or PhD programs.

Deadline: Ongoing

3) The University of Western Australia Global Excellence Scholarship

This significant scholarship will be awarded to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students, from selected countries, who apply for particular courses at the University.

If you’re looking to study in Australia in 2023, undergraduate students can receive scholarships of up to AUD$48,000* over 4 years on eligible courses or AUD$36,000* over 3 years; postgraduate students can receive up to AUD$24,000* over two years on eligible courses.



All undergraduate courses are applicable except the following:

  • Assured Pathway to Medicine
  • Assured Pathway to Pharmacy
  • Assured Pathway to Dental Medicine


All post-graduate courses are applicable except the following:

  • Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Clinical Neuropsychology (01890)
  • Graduate Certificate in Fieldwork Practice (12270)
  • Juris Doctor (20820)
  • Master of Pharmacy (51500)
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology (53370)
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology (53390)
  • Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology (53580)
  • Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Clinical Psychology (54570)
  • Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology (54580)
  • Graduate Certificate in Autism Diagnosis (70230)
  • Graduate Certificate in the Diagnosis and Assessment of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) (73260)
  • Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (73520)
  • Master of Clinical Audiology (90540)
  • Doctor of Podiatric Surgery (90830)
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (90870)
  • Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (90840)
  • Doctor of Medicine (90850, 91850)
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (90860)
  • Doctor of Optometry (91590)
  • Master of Social Work (11550)
  • UWA Micro-credentials

Eligibility: Students from all countries can apply. You will need to:

  • have received an offer for an undergraduate or postgraduate course at The University of Western Australia.
  • have achieved an equivalent:
  • minimum ATAR 85.00; or
  • minimum WAM 65.00
  • If studying an approved International Academic Pathway (Articulation Program), students must have achieved a WAM equivalent of more than 75.00

Deadline: 31 May 2023

4) 2023 Global Curtin Scholarships – Merit Scholarship

Curtin University strives to give high achieving students around the world the opportunity to pursue their ambitions and gain a world-class education. Through the Merit Scholarship, Curtin rewards our international students who are eligible.

This scholarship category awards eligible students 25% off their first year of tuition. Curtin University acknowledges the importance of being one of Australia's most multicultural university campuses and this scholarship aims to grow the trust and confidence in Curtin University as a place for students to further their studies, careers and life experiences.

*This scholarship is offered for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework


  • All undergraduate degrees available to international students (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery excluded)
  • All postgraduate degrees (master by coursework only) available to international students

Please see Curtin's website for more information about courses.


  • International, fee-paying, non-sponsored students of any nationality except Australian
  • Students who have met or exceeded the higher academic cut-off score determined by Curtin specific to this Scholarship
  • Students commencing studies at Curtin’s Western Australia campuses for the first time in 2023
  • Students commencing a full Curtin undergraduate or master by coursework program (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery excluded)

Deadline: 15 Oct 2023

5) Yayasan Dayadiri Overseas University Scholarships

The Overseas University Programme scholarship aims to create highly-qualified Bumiputera talents to contribute towards nation-building by providing scholarships for individuals to pursue tertiary-level studies at leading universities in the US, UK, Australia.

Courses: The scholarship is for applicants pursuing full-time undergraduate degree or Master’s degree in subjects that are critical to the development of the nation in the fields of Art and Design, Business and Finance; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Science and Engineering (not including Medicine) at any universities ranked in the top 20% for the study subject, as published by:

Times Higher Education; or

The Complete University Guide; or

US News and World Report; or

Financial Times; or

Other recognised global university rankings.

The league table per subject may vary based on the total number of institutions reviewed in the ranking.

Eligibility: Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Malaysian Bumiputera
  • Must possess strong academic, extracurricular, and personal achievements
  • Have gained at least conditional admission to relevant institution
  • Fulfill other required personal traits and selection criteria

Deadline: 30 April 2023

6) Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship 

The Embassy of Japan is excited to announce that applications for the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarships for the 2023 academic year are now open. 

*The scholarship is currently open for undergraduate studies and postgraduate research students only.

There are two ways to apply for a Japanese Government Scholarship: by applying to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) with a recommendation from a Japanese embassy or other Japanese diplomatic mission in your country, or by applying to the MEXT with a recommendation from a Japanese university.

The method of receiving a recommendation from an embassy or consulate abroad is called an "embassy recommendation," while the method of receiving a recommendation from a university and applying for a position is called a "university recommendation."

The contents differ slightly depending on whether you apply through the "embassy recommendation" or the "university recommendation," so the information is divided into two categories depending on the application method.

Please note that in order to receive a Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho MEXT) scholarship, you must obtain the Student status of residence.

Application requirements:- 

For “Embassy Recommendation”:-

Undergraduate students

(1) Humanities A: Law, Political Science, Education, Sociology, Literature, History, Japanese Language, etc.

Humanities B: Economics, Business Administration, etc.

(2) Science A: Science, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Architecture, Chemistry, etc.

Science B: Agriculture, Health Sciences, Science

Science C: Medicine, Dentistry

*Age: 25 and under

Preparatory Training *(Japanese language education, etc.): 6 months (Only for those who need it)

Postgraduate research students

Field of study at university or related field

*Age: 35 and under

Preparatory Training *(Japanese language education, etc.): 6 months

(Only for those who need it)

For “University recommendation”:- 

Undergraduate students

*Age: 25 and under

Postgraduate research students

English: CEFR B2 equivalent or higher

Japanese: JLPT N2 or equivalent*1

*Age: 35 and under



1) Japanese or English proficiency is required depending on the language of instruction at the university or other institution you wish to enter.

2) For the above-mentioned upper age limit at arrival in Japan, only those whose birthday is on or after April 2 are eligible.

Deadline: 5 May 2023

7) The University of Southern Denmark - Danish Government Scholarship 2023

The University of Southern Denmark offers the Danish Government Scholarship – supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science - to certain applicants in recognition of the important investment that overseas students make during their education.

*The scholarship is currently offered for Masters studies only.


Course: To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a non-EU/EEA citizen enrolling in one of the following Master's programmes in Sønderborg with programme start in September:

  • MSc in Engineering - Mechatronics – both profiles
  • MSc in Engineering - Electronics (Sønderborg)

Eligibility: To qualify for Danish Government Scholarship, candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • Required Language: English. You must have English skills compared to the Danish B level in English if you come to follow courses in English. Exchange students can document it by way of our language requirement form or by way of their secondary school leaving certificate (min. 210 hours at high school level) or an IELTS score of min 6.5. or a TOEFL of min 575/230/88.
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries. The scholarship is open for candidates who come from a non-EU/EEA country and are eligible to pay tuition fees.
  •  As an exchange or a guest student, you can only follow courses at the master level if you have completed what compares to 180 ECTS credits (i.e. three years of studies) of relevant courses at university level. Check all General entry requirements for all exchange and guest students.

Deadline: 1 September 2023

8) DAAD Scholarships 2023-2024

DAAD Scholarships 2023-2024 is now open for international students to submit their applications for admission into German Universities for the academic year of 2023. The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is a scholarship in Germany that targets students who come from developing countries.

Many students from these developing countries apply and are approved for the DAAD scholarships and they get the opportunity to be enrolled in various universities in Germany. The students are awarded these DAAD scholarships for 2023-2024 to study courses that are taught in both German and English languages.

Course: Check out the list of courses eligible for scholarship here


  • A student applying for this scholarship must have completed a Bachelor’s degree course that had a duration of less than or equal to six years.
  • A student applying for this scholarship also has to show proof of two years of working experience.
  • The student does not necessarily have to understand German or English as this is dependent on the course that they choose.

Deadline: Ongoing

9) Higher Education Scholarship by Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Vietnam

The Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT), Vietnam is offering scholarships to Malaysians who are interested in furthering their studies in Vietnam.

This scholarship offer is one of TNUT's initiatives to encourage more international students to continue their studies at the university. The total quota offered is 32 scholarships, for full time study mode. The level of studies applicable is for Degree, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Course: For the full list of programmes, refer here.

Deadline: Ongoing

10) IUBH University of Applied Sciences Scholarship 

IUBH offers the students the opportunity to develop on a personal and professional level and advance their career through flexible, practice-oriented study. Their programmes and courses are designed in a flexible and innovative way to allow professionals and otherwise busy individuals the ability to grow on a personal and professional level whilst continuing their core duties.

At IU, they believe that everyone should have access to a quality education. The scholarships are offered to support those with a passion for self-improvement, a love of learning, and a drive for success.


Following subjects are available to study under this scholarship program:

  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Engineering Management
  • Marketing

Programmes available to study under this scholarship:

  • B.Sc. Data Science (180 ECTS)
  • B.A Business Administration (180 ECTS)
  • B.Sc. Software Development (180 ECTS)
  • B.Sc. Cyber Security (180 ECTS)
  • M.A. Project Management (60 or 120 ECTS)
  • M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence (60 or 120 ECTS)
  • M.Sc. Data Science (60 or 120 ECTS)
  • MBA Master of Business Administration (60 or 120 ECTS)
  • MBA in Big Data Management (90 ECTS)
  • MBA in IT Management (90 ECTS)
  • MBA in International Marketing (90 ECTS)
  • MBA in Engineering Management (90 ECTS)
  • MBA in Finance & Accounting (90 ECTS)
  • MBA in E-Sports Management (90 ECTS)


The scholarship is available for international students.

Deadline: 31 December 2023

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