Maybank Scholarship Award (Local and Overseas)

Published by on Jan 14, 2013, 12:21 pm

Since the inception of the award in 1972, Maybank has sponsored more than 1,000 scholars as well as provided them with employment opportunities. The scholarship awards incorporate the Bank’s CSR philosophy of ‘Growing with Responsibility’, assisting those who excel to complete their tertiary studies and pursue a career with the nation’s largest financial services group. The programme is divided into two categories:

  • Local Scholarship: Full sponsorship of foundation studies to degree level at Malaysian institutions.
  • Overseas Scholarship: Full sponsorship of foundation studies to degree level at overseas institutions.


  • Full scholarship from Pre-University/Foundation studies up to degree level at local and overseas institutions (tuition fees, laptop, accommodation and living allowance).
  • Career Preparatory Suite (internships, business assignments, Presentation Impact and Effective Communication programmes).
  • Employment with Maybank after studies.

The programme not only supports your tertiary education but also offers you a journey filled with learning opportunities.

  • Leadership:  Develop a stronger sense of responsibility in order to lead through activities.
  • Critical Thinking: Critically and logically assess situations and challenges.
  • Adaptability: Early exposure via internships and business assignments will prepare you to be more open to different environments
  • Communication: Scholars are guided to develop communication skills that will include effective methods of expression and presentation of ideas
  • Creative Thinking: Able to push the boundaries and think outside the box to develop innovative methods and solutions
  • Confidence: With the unique blend of interventions, scholars are self-assured in their abilities and skills

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