JPA tuition fee loan scheme now open

Published by on Feb 13, 2013, 11:18 am

Students interested to study medicine and dentistry overseas are invited to consider this loan scheme being offered by JPA. First session of application starts on 6 February and ends 28 February while the second session opens on 1 July and ends 31 July. To qualify, the applicant must be:

  • A Malaysian citizen.
  • Must be a  first year college student (JPA wants the actual results)
  • Not exceeding 25 years old upon application
  • Has not obtained any degree titles
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not bind to any (other) government’s loan schemes or scholarships.
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not have any arrears (issues) or being blacklisted by any government’s loan schemes.
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not have gone against any government’s scholarship contracts.
  • At a time, only one member from a family can apply for this education loan.
  • Family member of successful applicant will be given chance to apply this education loan if only if he or she (the successful applicant) has started the repayment of loan for at least time period of 6 months.
  • For twinning program, loan will only be issued during the study period in overseas.

Chosen programs must also be recognized by the JPA, to know whether respective program is being accredited or not, checking can be done from the JPA’s Qualification Accreditation Webpage.

For special loans (medicine), there is no need to pay back the loan amount if graduate works for the Malaysian Government for 10 years. For regular loans, student must pay back in full after graduation.

For more information on the terms & conditions, visit To apply go through or portal eSILA

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