An Open Door to the Unprevilidged Youths

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 27, 2022, 11:33 am

Written by Arisya Husna

All youth are entitled to an education, but many have been denied this opportunity due to poverty. Human Rights Watch also found evidence of government responses that were poorly managed, poorly informed, under-resourced, and even discriminatory, all of which were rooted in educational systems that were structurally flawed and racially unequal. As a result, governments worldwide have a responsibility to improve their education systems and ensure that all youth have equal access.

In Malaysia, where are the opportunity doors for these creatures to access education? Instead of asking where, how and what are the crucial inquiries for them. 

Thus, a tremendous initiative is developed by INTEC Education College to be the palace for the orphans and less fortunate youths. With the hopes to give back to the community by allocating funds to projects with long-term and sustainable impacts through INTEC Share Future. 

As of December 2021, INTEC Education College launched the INTEC Shared Future initiative, which aims to provide scholarships to orphans and other low-income students to join any Diploma Programmes at INTEC Education College. 

Currently, INTEC Shared Future where the project is aimed at a much larger audience. INTEC Shared Future with support from the strategic partners to help our underprivileged youths build a better future through the continuation of their higher education.

To improve the standard of living through education, INTEC Shared Future (ISF) will fund underprivileged students not only for education but also for living expenses and IT devices needed throughout their studies. 

Those who enrolled in INTEC Education College in any Diploma Programmes under the INTEC Shared Future scholarship will be equipped with a wide range of skills and will be connected to industries for better career opportunities. ISF initiative is outcome-driven, and evidence of success will be shared with collaborators regularly.  

Other than the benefits of ISF scholarship, learning at INTEC Education College as a Diploma student will benefit them in many ways. There are 5 diploma programmes at INTEC Education College - Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Public Management and Governance, Diploma in Scientific Halal Practices, Diploma in Accounting, and Diploma in Islamic Finance. The duration of learning any of these diplomas is only 2 years which saves time and finances for the private students. 

There are requirements to follow before your application to study at INTEC Education College will be successful - if to get the INTEC Shared Future scholarship. 

1.Must be a SPM graduate.

2.Must have supporting documents from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat or Pusat Zakat to confirm on the less fortune status.

3.Must have supporting document (ie. death certificate) to confirm on the orphans status.  

Enrol now with INTEC Education College once you receive your SPM results this June! July intake is waiting for you. If you are eligible for INTEC Shared Future (ISF) scholarship, hop into this door!

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