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It's that time of the year! Apply for the AISM pre-university 100% scholarship and receive a chance to study at the top Australian school outside of Australia

Australian International School, Malaysia (AISM), has always been one of the premier schools in the country. The school has carved a niche for itself as a pursuer of academic excellence while also promoting holistic education. The year-on-year performance of AISM students in the widely recognised New South Wales Higher School Certificate (NSW HSC) examination goes to show the dedication of the teachers in ensuring continuous improvement of teaching methodologies, which has led to exponential betterment of results over the years.

AISM has always extended support and opportunity to pursue quality education to deserving Malaysian students and this year too, the school is seeking applications for up to 100% pre-university scholarship.

Let us tell you more about what this prospect means for students.

AISM 100% pre-university – All you need to know

The up to 100% pre-university scholarship by AISM is extended to Malaysian students entering Year 11 who are not already enrolled in the school. The scholarship will continue till the students complete their HSC examination and will cover up to 100% of the cost including application fee, tuition fee, deposits, and admissions fee for both Years 11 and 12.

To get selected for the scholarship, shortlisted applicants need to sit for an assessment test and attend an interview too.

Why should you consider applying for the scholarship?

HSC is one of the most widely known and accepted pre-university examinations that is recognised by most prominent universities around the world. AISM is one of the best schools worldwide when it comes to teaching as is very clearly apparent in the improving results of the school.

In the year 2021 HSC, AISM attained the best results outside of Australia with 50% of students scoring in the top 2 bands – Band 6 (above 90%) and Band 5 (above 80%), which is a 34% increase from HSC 2020 results. The highest band was achieved by 17% of AISM students and 36% of students were awarded the distinguished achievers award.

The school mirrors the balanced assessment approach followed in tertiary education, thus making it a smoother transition for HSC students from pre-university to university. Just like in renowned universities, fifty per cent of assessment is done internally, grading students on their assignments, presentations, tests, and projects. The remaining fifty per cent is evaluated through year-end examination and is graded by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority.

However, the most important and one of the best reasons to opt for HSC at AISM  for pre-university is that the program offers a wide range of subjects and hence students can opt for a broad range of skill sets. Not every student has their career path charted out. So, for students who are still not sure of where they want to see themselves career-wise, HSC at AISM offers a chance to choose and study an extensive list of subjects to keep their options open for university. The only compulsory subject is English. Along with English, the students can choose six subjects in Year 11 and five in Year 12.

AISM – preparing students for the future

AISM's reputation as one of the best and top international schools in Malaysia is a well-known fact. But did you also know that it is also the first to be certified as a full visible learning school? This teaching methodology is based on solid scientific research and hence has been instrumental in helping AISM students achieve better and better results each year.

The pre-university up to 100% scholarship offered by AISM is your chance of receiving the best Australian education that will open up the doors to pursuing tertiary education in some of the most reputed universities worldwide.

Don't miss this opportunity and apply for the scholarship soon, because the clock is ticking. The last day for applying for the AISM pre-university up to 100% scholarship is October 7, 2022, Friday. 

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss this opportunity. If you want to know more about the scholarship or need information on how to apply for the same, you can visit the AISM scholarship webpage or you can also drop their friendly Admissions Team an email at [email protected]


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