A List Of Scholarships Offered By Malaysian Companies and Guarantee You a Job

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You’ve given your all and now it’s time to get ready for bigger, and better things. College and universities, anyone?

But getting into college isn’t just finding your dream university – you also need to think about costs. And what better solution for costly tertiary education than scholarships?

Exclusively for you, we’ve compiled a number of scholarships that can guarantee you great jobs in the future!

Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship

Region: Local

Courses: Pre-university and undergraduate

Universities: Recognised public and private universities and colleges in Malaysia

Deadline: Application opens from 1 April to 31 May every year

Offers:- Undergraduate courses in public universities - RM 8,500 per annum- Diploma/advanced diploma courses in public and local private universities - RM 6,000 per annum- Undergraduate studies at local private universities ("3+0" degree programmes on the full-time and on-campus basis) - up to RM24,000 per annum- Medicine/Dentistry courses in local private universities - up to RM32,000 per annum

Criteria:- Minimum 8As in SPM.- Minimum CGPA of 3.50 in STPM, Matriculation, A-Levels, foundation, diploma, or degree.

Scholarship link: Hong Leong Foundation (HLF) Scholarship

Sunway University & Lancaster University - The Chancellors Scholarship

Region: Local and overseas

Courses: Undergraduate

Universities: Local public and private universities, as well as international universities

Deadline: Application opens until August 2 2021

Offers: Tuition fees, accommodation, and a stipend to cover basic living expenses.

Criteria:- Minimum CGPA 3.80 or equivalent in STPM, foundation, matriculation, or pre-university.- Applicants must have secured an unconditional/conditional offer from the university.- Will be placed in Sunway Group of companies upon graduation.

Scholarship link: Sunway University & Lancaster University - The Chancellors Scholarship

CIMB ASEAN Scholarship

Region: Local and overseas

Courses: Undergraduate/Masters

Universities: CIMB welcomes applicants from a wide variety of academic disciplines at reputable universities.

Deadline: Application opens from 24 May 2021- 16 June 2021

Offers: Full tuition fees as well as book allowance and other expenses related to accommodation, airfare, and visa/travel documents.

Criteria: Recipient will be bonded with CIMB Group upon graduation - one year for every year of study locally, and two years for every year of study overseas.

Scholarship link: CIMB ASEAN Scholarship

YTL Foundation Scholarship Programme

Region: Local

Courses: Undergraduate

Universities: Local public or private universities in Malaysia in the following fields:- Engineering (civil, electrical, and mechanical)- Quantity surveying- Construction project management- Finance and business- Art and design- Accounting- Computer science

Deadline: Application ends 31 March 2021

Offers: Full tuition fees, living expenses, and book allowance.

Criteria:- Minimum 8As in SPM, or minimum 4As or CGPA 4.00 in STPM, matriculation, or foundation.- Scholars will be required to serve a bond for YTL Group after graduation

Scholarship link: YTL Foundation Scholarship Programme 

UEM Scholarship Programme

Region:Local and overseas

Courses: Pre-university and undergraduate

Universities: Pre-university at Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) in Lembah Beringin, before furthering studies at renowned top international universities.

Deadline: Application will open on March 2021 for overseas scholarship and October 2021 for local scholarship. 

Offers: Covers tuition and examination fees, insurance, laptop, and book allowance.

Criteria:- Minimum 7As (A+/As) in SPM.- The successful applicant, upon graduation, shall be bonded to Yayasan UEM for a maximum of five years.

Scholarship link: UEM Scholarship Programme

Yayasan Khazanah Scholarships

Region:- Khazanah Watan Scholarship Programme (Local)- Khazanah Global Scholarship (Overseas)

Courses: Pre-university and undergraduate

Universities: A-levels in Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM), Lembah Beringin before furthering studies in this list of universities , local or abroad, approved by Yayasan Khazanah in the following fields:- Accounting- Economics- Finance & investments- Public policy & political science- Business- Engineering- Life sciences

Deadline: Application opens from 5 March to 23 March 2020

Offers: Full academic fees, living expenses, accommodation, as well as development and training support.

Criteria:- Minimum of 8As (A/A+) in SPM.- Minimum 3As for STPM or CGPA 3.50 for pre-university, diploma, foundation, or matriculation.- Recipients will be required to serve Khazanah Nasional or other approved organizations for a duration equal to the study period.

Scholarship links: Khazanah Watan Scholarship Programme & Khazanah Global Scholarship

The Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards

Region: Local

Courses: Pre-university and undergraduate

Universities: 30 participating institutions can be found here

Deadline: Within two weeks after the release of SPM or STPM results

Offers: Full or partial tuition fees

Scholarship link: The Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards 

Yayasan KLK Scholarship

Region: Local

Courses: Undergraduate

Universities: ocal public or private universities in Malaysia in the following fields:- Agricultural sciences- Sciences (chemistry and biotech)- Engineering (chemical, mechanical, civil, and electrical & electronics)- Accountancy- Information technology- Architecture- Real estate management- Town & regional planning

Deadline: Applications deadline is on 1 July 2021

Offers:- Public institutions - RM10,000 per academic year- Private institutions - RM17,000 per academic year

Criteria:- Minimum 2As or CGPA 3.50 in STPM, A-Levels, or foundation.- Must have a confirmed placement from institutations of higher learning.- Scholar must serve a three-year bond with the KLK Group upon graduation.

Scholarship link: Yayasan KLK Scholarship 

Shell Malaysia Scholarship Programme

Region: Local and overseas

Courses: A-Levels and undergraduate

Universities: A-Levels at Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar, where performing scholars will then stand a chance to pursue their studies at prestigious colleges and universities locally and overseas in the following fields:- Engineering (mechanical, civil, chemical, petroleum, and electrical & electronics)- Sciences (geology, geosciences, geomatics, and geophysics)- Commercial (human resources and business & management)

Deadline: Application opens from 14 June to 30 June 2021

Offers: Full tuition fees, board, lodging, and book allowance

Criteria: Minimum 8As (A/A+) in SPM

Scholarship link: Shell Malaysia Scholarship Programme

Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme

Region: Local at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) or overseas universities

Courses: Pre-university and undergraduate

Universities:- UTP: Complete a one-year foundation programme at UTP prior to undergraduate degree.- Overseas universities: Complete up to two years of pre-university in Malaysia prior to pursuing undergraduate degree overseas.

Petronas seeks to sponsor students to pursue higher education in oil and gas-related fields:- Accounting- Actuarial science- Computer science- Economics- Law- Mathematics- Psychology- Sociology- Statistics- Engineering- Geology/Geophysics- Petroleum geoscience

Deadline: 10 June to 20 June 2021

Offers: Full tuition fees, board and lodging, and book allowance.

Scholarship link: Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme

Gamuda Scholarship Award

Region: Local

Courses: Undergraduate

Universities: Local public, private, or the Malaysian campus of foreign universities in the following fields:- Engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, mechatronics)- Quantity surveying, building surveying, construction management- Township and urban planning- Geomatics- Architecture- Property and real estate management

Deadline: Application deadline is on 4th of June 2021 

Offers: Tuition fees, living expenses, Scholars' Development Programme, and internship opportunities within the Gamuda Group of Companies.

Criteria:- Minimum 3As or CGPA 3.40 in STPM or equivalent (e.g. A-Levels, matriculation, foundation, diploma).- Willing to serve Gamuda Group for a specified term upon graduation.

Scholarship link: Gamuda Scholarship Award

Yayasan TM Future Leaders Scholarship

Region: Local and overseas

Courses and universities: Undergraduate

Deadline: Application dates and more information will be issued in local newspapers upon the release of SPM and STPM results.

Offers: Full tuition fee, a monthly stipend, and books and apparatus allowance.

Criteria: Scholars have a contractual agreement to serve TM upon graduation.

Scholarship link: Yayasan TM Future Leaders Scholarship

Yayasan Tenaga Nasional

Region: Local

Courses and Universities:- Foundation at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).- Undergraduate at local public universities in the fields of engineering, accounting, and data science & analytics.

Deadline: Not specified but currently open for applications

Offers: Scholarship and study loans

Criteria: Passed SPTM, Matriculation, Diploma or Foundation with at least a CGPA of 3.50

Scholarship link: Yayasan Tenaga Nasional 

Yayasan Sime Darby

Region: Local and overseas

Courses: Pre-university and undergraduate

Universities: Two-year foundation in Kolej Yayasan UEM before undergraduate studies in business or engineering and sciences at one of the 10 partnering universities in the United Kingdom listed here.

Deadline: To be announced

Offers:- Full tuition fees, boarding, computer allowance, shipping allowance, and flight tickets for the beginning and end of studies.- Recipients also have the opportunity to experience their Scholars Development Programme and internships at Sime Darby Companies.

Criteria: Scholars will be required to serve Sime Darby Group of Companies for five to six years after graduation.

Scholarship link: Yayasan Sime Darby

For more scholarships, browse our main scholarship page, and you can also check out our courses page for your interest.

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