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ZALORA is an online fashion retailer that believes in making fashion accessible. It is the core of our business – we bring high-street labels to Asia in a convenient way. Secretly, we are tech geeks who love numbers and codes as much as affordable fast-fashion. Our passion for all things sartorial and digital, coupled with our dedication to our customers, define everything that we do. ZALORA Scholars will get the opportunity to gain valuable insights from the e-commerce industry.
This year’s theme is how to redesign the online shopping experience for your generation of shoppers. Explore how your shopping experience will change in ten years time, both online and offline.
Fashion trends have always been guided by current situations, political, cultural, geographical influences and the needs of the society. Fashion-driven ZALORA is focused on constantly exploring and forecasting how technology and societal changes interact to shape each other.
Through an essay, video, or infographic, predict post-millennial consumption styles based on your perceptions and analysis on factors such as shifts in social media usage, societal changes, technological changes, or any other insights you have.

Applicant must meet all the below requirements

  • ZALORA are looking for bright and creative full-time undergraduate students studying in tertiary institutions.

  • Whether you are a university student from a public or private school, or if you are currently enrolled in a vocational school, you are eligible to apply!

  • This scholarship is open to students from the following countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan.

  • Please ensure that your school is part of our list of Partner Institutions before applying

  • If you can't find your school from our list of Partner Institutions, get your school’s Scholarship & Financial Aid Department to drop us an email at [email protected] to find out how they can be a Partner Institution.

Preferred Discipline
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  • Financial support to aid in your education
  • Relevant work experience pertaining to an emerging industry
  • Original and insightful entries will be published on our website!

How to apply for The ZALORA Scholarship 2017

Learn how you can apply now
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Click on the (Click here to get info) button above to view the scholarship A complete application includes

  • A completed application form
  • Your entry with the title "Redefining The Future of Shopping"

All completed applications must be sent before 11pm, 30 September 2017. Submit your application for the ZALORA Scholarship today! Send them your compelling insights based on the above theme by 30th September 2017, 11pm Malaysian time (GMT +8) and you might be the next ZALORA Scholar!

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