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The Yayasan Lim Yee Hoh Bursaries offer up to 75% off the monthly rent to art students, artists or those pursuing art or performing arts as a career.

About Yayasan Lim Yee Hoh

The late Mr Lim Yee Hoh was born in Malaysia into a Hokkien family in 1924. His grandfather migrated to Malaysia from Fujian Province in the late 1800’s and started a business in rubber plantations, trading and processing began as the Yee Seng Group. Lim Yee Hoh was active in the various Chinese and Hokkien clan associations in Malaysia. He passed away in 2005.

Apart from being a well-established business personality in Malaysia, the late Lim Yee Hoh was also a fond lover of art, music, and local culture. He provided strong support to the local music scene and was a generous patron and a cellist of the Kuala Lumpur Symphony Orchestra. He took great pains to support artists of South East Asia by buying their early works. He also paid significant attention to the works of modern-day Chinese paintings.

To continue his patronage, he set up a company limited by guarantee in 1980 as the Lim Yee Hoh Foundation dedicated to undertaking the charitable promotion and advancement of art, music and cultural activities, thus contributing to the advancement of the field of art, music and culture in Malaysia. Through it, he would ensure his lifelong passion of supporting upcoming artists way into the future.

Preferred Discipline

Open to art students, artists, or those pursuing art or performing arts as a career.

Amount Info

Household Income       Bursary Offer

<RM2,000.00                 Up to 75% of monthly rental

<RM3,000.00                 Up to 50% of monthly rental

<RM4,000.00                 Up to 25% of monthly rental

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Please do not hesitate to email them at [email protected] if you have further queries.

To contact via phone, reach out to their representatives at +60 12-568 3233

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