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100% scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding students entering University of Southampton Malaysia Campus. These are highly competitive and the number awarded varies each year.
These scholarships do not include living expenses and are only applicable to Year One entry students and for the first year of study. Students must complete their degree at the University of Southampton.
No separate application is needed, students are automatically considered.

Applicant must meet all the below requirements

  • 9A+ and above in SPM / 9A* and above in O-level

  • Must include A in Physics and Mathematics, and minimum B+ in Additional Mathematics

  • Applicable to Malaysian students only

  • Scholarship is non-transferable and only applies whilst the recipient remains a registered, full-time, active student for the duration of the programme.

  • Recipients of the Top Achiever scholarship must pursue an undergraduate programme with University of Southampton Malaysia Campus after the completion of the Engineering Foundation Year studies.

  • The recipient will need to refund the scholarship amount in full in the event of change of course or university.

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100% tuition fee waiver.

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