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Universiti Malaya would like to invite postgraduate candidates to apply for the Universiti Malaya Student Financial Aid award. This scheme is open to local and international candidates enrolled (active status) in Masters (research mode) or Doctoral programme.

Successful applicants will receive living allowance and up to 100% fee waiver (for selected fees).


Applicant must meet all the below requirements

  1. This scheme is open to local and international postgraduate candidates enrolled in Masters (full research) or Doctorate programme at Universiti Malaya (UM).
  1. Applicants must have been offered as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) by UM for a period of at least four (4) months for the applied semester (to apply for GRA, go to https://ra-recruitment.um.edu.my/)
  1. Applicants must not be sponsored by any federal/state/statutory body or any other organisation.
  1. Applicants must be free from any debt / outstanding fees with UM.
  1. Applicants must be within the Graduate on Time (GOT) period of candidature at the time of application, i.e.:

    • For Masters programmes     – 5th semester and below*
    • For Doctorate programmes  – 7th semester and below*

* The candidate’s Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) must still be active.

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How to apply for Universiti Malaya Student Financial Aid Award

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  1. Applications must be submitted online via maya.um.edu.my  http://maya.um.edu.my > Finance > Scholarship. Applications submitted in hard copy format will not be accepted.
  1. Applicants are required to upload their previous and latest Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) offer letter in the online application system. The GRA offer letter must have been issued by the Institute of Research Management & Services (IPPP), Universiti Malaya (https://umresearch.um.edu.my/).
  1. Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected.
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