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AIMST University is offering high achievers scholarships based on their results if they enrol in a Foundation in Science at the university. 

Offered only for Foundation in Science (leading to Medicine / Pharmacy / Dentistry).


Applicant must meet all the below requirements

For SPM Leavers

6As -10%
7As -20%
8As -30%
9As -40%
10As -60%
9A+ and above = 100% scholarship

For O-Level Leavers

5As -20%
6As -30%
7As -40%
8As -60%
8A* -100%

The deduction is from the tuition fee (RM10,800.00).

Preferred Discipline

Foundation in Science

Amount Info

Refer to Criteria above.

How to apply for AIMST Top Achiever Scholarship

Learn how you can apply now

Apply via Scholarship form within the first week after intake. Forms available during intake day at the registration booth as well as the Marketing Division.

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For more information, please contact:


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