Totally legal steps to not pay back your PTPTN loan

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 01, 2015, 12:56 pm

Times are hard and money is not easy to come by. Can I not pay PTPTN back?

PTPTN loan - empty wallet no money to pay back loan

YES! But only if you meet ALL of these requirements for exemption:

1. Attend a full-time course.

PTPTN loan - studying full time

You can only be exempted from payment if you studied full-time. This means that part-time and long-distance students will not be considered for exemption.

2. Finish on time.

PTPTN loan - graduating on time

You must complete your studies within the period as stated in the loan agreement.

3. Be loyal to PTPTN.

PTPTN loan - only choose one loan

Your PTPTN loan should not overlap with other sponsorship. This means you must not be a recipient of funding other than PTPTN.

4. Submit your application.

PTPTN loan - filling in your forms

For recipients who have completed their studies from 2010 onwards, you will need submit the complete application within twelve (12) months from the date of the convocation.

5. Study a recognized course.

PTPTN loan - choosing a course

The course you attended should have been accredited by MQA.

6. Obtained a Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honors.

PTPTN loan - graduating with first class honours

First-class honors is the highest honors classification and indicates high academic achievement.

7. Organize your papers

PTPTN loan - submit your documents

You will need to submit the following documents to PTPTN:

  1. Declaration letter by you, the recipient.
  2. Copy of your Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honors scroll verified by the respective tertiary institution.
  3. Copy of your transcript verified by the respective IPT.
  4. Copy of the Certificate of Accreditation from MQA (for private institution (IPTS) graduates).
  5. Verification Letter if "First Class" was not stated in the Degree scroll.

The supporting documents must be verified by an authorized officer as determined by PTPTN.

The verification stamp should include the Name, Designation and the Department of the officer.

The verification for IPTS financing recipients should be done at the IPTS where you pursued your studies.

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