How To Use The New PTPTN Direct Debit System & List Of Associated Banks

Published by on Jun 07, 2017, 10:33 am

While PTPTN seem to be clamping down on borrowers who have yet to pay them back for the loans they have shelled out, with many ending up being black-listed, in actual fact, they have taken numerous steps to ensure that those involved are given every incentive to make those repayments. Some students aren’t aware how they go about making these payments, some aren’t aware how to check their balances, and some aren’t aware about PTPTN at all. It comes as incredible news that PTPTN have now launched an online direct debit system, an arrangement they have meted out with a staggering number of banks. 

List of associated banks

The list of banks above enables an additional 10% discount for PTPTN borrowers to repay their loans

There will be an additional 10% discount for those who opt for this new method to repay their loans. You may use the online direct debit system if you have an account in any of the following banks:

  • Maybank
  • CIMB Bank
  • HSBC
  • Bank Rakyat
  • Bank Islam
  • Hong Leong
  • OCBC Bank
  • Public Bank
  • RHB
  • Standard Chartered

You need to register first

Go to this website to register for the PTPTN direct debit online repayment then follow the steps below

Interested? Well, for those of you who are, these are the THREE steps you need to take to avail to this mode of repayment:

1. Register at the Direct Debit website

2. Verify your bank information at the PTPTN Online Payment Gateway

3. Receive your receipt of payment and PRINT your ‘Akaun Penerimaan Permohonan Direct Debit’

How to make the transactions

You need to have a SSPN-i savings account in order to make the transaction

It’s that simple! Once you have done that, here is how to make transactions via the PTPTN Direct Debit Online system:

1. Have a Current or Savings (Semas/Simpanan) Account in any of the following banks listed and register for their online banking services.

2. Have a Loan (Bayar Balik Pinjaman) or Savings (SSPN-i Deposit) account at PTPTN.

3. For Loan (Bayar Balik Pinjaman) accounts, you need to know the type of account, as to whether it is a Islamik loan (Ujrah), or a Conventional (Konvensional) loan.

4. Click Apply to Direct Debit Loan (Mohon Direct Debit Pinjaman) to check the type of loan account and make the repayment.

5. Click Apply to Direct Debit SSPN-i (Mohon Direct Debit SSPN-i) to check your savings balance and increase your deposit.

6. Successful transactions will be updated in the form of a bank statement (penyata pinjaman/simpanan) within three (3) working days.

7. Any questions or complaints may be directed to the PTPTN Customer Service Hotline or their Complaints (iCare).


All the best to everyone in settling their loans!

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