How do I get funding from PTPTN?

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Getting your PTPTN money for studies is easy as 1,2, 3!

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So you’ve made up your mind and wish to apply for PTPTN. Here are the steps you need to take and documents to prepare:

When can I apply for PTPTN?

What are the steps to apply for PTPTN loan?

Check out an official sample on how to fill the form provided by PTPTN here (pdf file).

What kind of documents do I need to send?

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To apply, eligible candidates must send these supporting documents to the PTPTN officer of your college/university. Photocopy must be A4-size, single-sided only.

  • 1 copy of college/university offer letter
  • 2 copies of PTPTN agreement and its letter of offer (print at PTPTN website)
  • 1 copy of funding application form (print at online application, PTPTN website)
  • 1 copy of student’s IC
  • 1 copy of SPM certificate
  • 1 copy of pre-university certificate and transcript (A-levels, diploma, foundation, STPM, UEC or equivalent)
  • 1 copy of parent’s pay slip (within the last 6 months) or latest BE form or letter of confirmation of unemployment for housewife and retired parents.

For students who submit applications in the second semester, you need to send in additional documents such as:

  • 1 copy of confirmation letter that you are still currently enrolled in your college/university
  • 1 copy of the results of all previous semesters

How do I get the money to buy my plane ticket, books, etc in preparation for university?

Wang Pendahuluan Pembiayaan (WPP) amount of RM1,500.00 is provided for preparation of students in prior to registration at IPTA and Polytechnics.

To be eligible for it, you will need to fulfill the following criterias :

  • Agreed to accept WPP via UPU Online;
  • Citizen of Malaysia;
  • Been offered a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree courses (full time) at IPTA and Polytechnics; and
  • Have never received WPP.

*Terms and conditions as determined by PTPTN.

How do I collect the WPP?

WPP is disbursed in the form of warrant and is valid for a period of sixty (60) days from the issuance date.

PTPTN distributes the WPP warrants to students who have gained admission to IPTA and Polytechnics either by hand or mail to the student’s address within two (2) weeks prior to registration at the IPTA and Polytechnics.

Students have to present their own MyKad to cash the warrant at the appointed bank (CIMB Bank), representatives are strictly prohibited to cash the warrant.

The warrant can be cashed at the BANK COUNTER ONLY.

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