Frequently Asked Questions on Loan Advances (WPP)

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1. What is a Loan Advance (WPP)?

Loan Advance (WPP) is an advance of RM1,500 given to eligible students before they register at IPT.


2. What are the requirements of WPP?

The conditions of WPP are:

 Guardians of students/ students must be Recipients of People's Subsistence Assistance (BSHR);


Students are offered studies for the Diploma or Bachelor's Degree level on a full-time basis at Public Universities & Polytechnics; and

No WPP debt


3. How is the application method to get WPP?

The application method is based on the confirmation of acceptance of WPP made during the application for admission to IPT, that is, either through the UPU Portal or IPT.


4. How to check the status of WPP application?

Checks can be made on the official portal of PTPTN (www.ptptn.gov.my) from around June each year. Notifications via SMS and email are also made based on mobile phone numbers and email addresses updated during the application for admission to IPT.


5. What is the WPP fulfillment method?

WPP can be cashed by students at any Bank Islam counter by bringing the following documents:

WPP offer letter printed from PTPTN's official portal (www.ptptn.gov.my);

Student MyKad (Representatives are not allowed)


6. When is the WPP fulfillment period?

WPP can be paid within two (2) months from the date of the WPP offer letter.


Date of WPP Offer Letter: 27 August 2021.

Period of WPP Offer Letter Fulfilled: From 27 August 2021 to 27 October 2021

7. Is there any appeal for WPP if the guardian and student are not recipients of Bantuan Sara Hidup Rakyat (BSHR)?

None. Consideration for granting WPP is only given to guardians of students/ students who receive People's Subsistence Assistance (BSHR) only.


8. Is WPP provided for free?

No. WPP is part of the loan given as an advance before students enroll in IPT. A deduction of RM500.00 per semester from the PTPTN loan amount will be made automatically when the loan is approved.


9. What are the situations that do not allow students to complete WPP?

Situations that do not allow students to fulfill WPP are as follows:

Students do not continue their studies at the IPT offered.

Students do not continue their studies in the courses offered.

If the WPP has been fulfilled, the student is required to repay the amount within eight (8) months from the expiry date of the warrant. Ta'widh of 1% per annum will be imposed on the outstanding balance from the 9th month from the date of expiry of the warrant


10. What documents need to be attached if a student loses my MyKad?

The document that needs to be attached in case of loss of MyKad is a Temporary Identity Card issued by the National Registration Department (JPN).


11. Can WPP be fulfilled if the printed offer letter is not complete with the information of Identity Card Number/ Warrant Number?

It can't be. Students are required to reprint the new WPP offer letter and ensure that the Identity Card Number/ Warrant Number information is complete.


12. If the student's fingerprint fails to be scanned, can the WPP be cashed?

Yes, but students need to include other supporting documents such as a driving license, birth certificate, or offer letter to the IPT


13. Can WPP be transferred to a student's Bank Islam savings account?

Yes. Students are required to pay the WPP first and then fill in the deposit form to the savings account.

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