Deadlines for PTPTN Online Applications at Every UA & IPTS for Every Course

Published by Afterschool.my on May 04, 2020, 06:10 pm

With many loans and scholarships available to students, the entire process can be very daunting. How do you apply? When is the closing date? As far as PTPTN goes, the dates differ from course to course, and university to university. Students are often left confused and angry, but fret not, afterschool is here to help. Here are deadlines for ALL PTPTN Online Applications for EVERY course. Just click on the link below based on what kind of university you are currently studying at.

Step 1: Head to the PTPTN 2020 Deadline homepage (Link found at bottom of this article). It should look something like this picture below

Step 2: Now, you must type out the name of the institution you want to check on. Please note you MUST USE THE FULL FORM of the institution name. In this example we use Universiti Teknologi Petronas. Note that typing out just UTP will NOT work. After this, click on the magnifying glass

Step 3: You should see you results as show below. Now, just look for your course and click on it! 

Step 4: Check your Deadline

And presto, the dates will now appear! Check the deadline based on your intake! 

Click here to head to the PTPTN 2020 Deadline page now. 

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