How to Check How Much You Owe PTPTN

Published by on Jun 01, 2017, 02:15 pm

Once you have graduated, you need to repay your loan and for PTPTN borrowers, you have until 6 months to do so. Unfortunately, not many students know how to check the balance they owe. It’s very important to repay your loan in order to prevent from getting blacklisted. Once you’re blacklisted, you are barred from travelling overseas and you are unable to open a new bank account until you’ve pay your loan. Checking how much you own PTPTN is not difficult.

Option 1

In order to check your balance, you need to click on the link given and key in your IC number

We still get questions regarding how students can check how much they owe PTPTN. Even with numerous PTPTN branches being opened up across the country, they have gone one step further to ensure that students can check their statements with ease and in the privacy of their very own homes. How, you ask? Well, all you have to do is click on this link , key in your IC number into the blank space, and presto, it will then appear! However, you may come across a screen that looks like this one:

Make sure that you key your IC number properly to avoid this kind of error. If not, try the other link below

Option 2


Similar to the other page, you also need to key in your IC number. Then hopefully you are good to go

If you do come across a screen such as that one, then you may give this other link a click. If this too fails, then give 03-2193 3000 a call during office hours.

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