4 Steps to Update your PTPTN Information to Delay your Repayment

Published by on Jul 16, 2018, 04:03 am

With the news of PTPTN permitting students till July 25 to update their personal information spreading like wildfire, many have been left wondering what they need to do. With only 9 days left till the deadline, here we outline exactly how you can update your PTPTN details in 4 simple steps. 

1. Visit the PTPTN website at

2. Click on the 'Kemaskini Maklumat Pendapatan' option

3. Fill in your IC number, along with your PTPTN number. If you don't know what your PTPTN number is, you may contact them to verify your details 

4. Update ALL your details in the fields provided

You're done! That's right, after these 4 simple steps, you will now be eligible to defer your PTPTN repayment should you currently earn less than RM4,000. Remember, the date this comes into effect is as of yet, unconfirmed. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates! Don't forget to tell your friends! 

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