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If you are reading this article, then you are already planning for a step towards a postgraduate degree. Let me guess who you are, A lawyer? An engineer? A banker? A Doctor? Or probably you are seeking for a suitable job. Whether you are a job seeker or an employee, you feel that you need more skills to fit yourself for the global industry.

Yes, you see it right; the word is "GLOBAL"

You should know that you are not alone. Most of the students pursue a postgraduate/ Master degree for the following reasons:

  • To get a job with a Master degree
  • To develop your career advancement
  • To embark on a new career in a chosen profession
  • To continue with your doctoral degree
  • To expand their knowledge of fields related to their current areas of expertise
  • To study in a field they love and looking into future employment in a related area
  • To gain skills in new technologies and emerging techniques
  • To improve their relative standing in a competitive and challenging job market
  • To prepare for business ventures needing skills
  • To make the most of the resources at a world-class university
  • To gain recognition and credibility

So, yes, you will have likeminded people around you during the program, and it will be an excellent opportunity for you to build your network globally while studying at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The population of IIUM is approximately 30000 with more than 120 national backgrounds.

Now, Why IIUM? The question may come to your mind. Am I right? Well, here are some of the facts to help you decide to join us in IIUM:

The International Islamic University Malaysia was founded in 1983 in Malaysia and headquartered at a 700-acre (2.8 km²) campus at Gombak, Selangor, and has six other campuses. Our three other campuses are in Kuantan, with the Centre for Foundation Studies situated in Gambang, a medical-centric campus located at Bandar Indera Makhota and a clinical campus near Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital. Two city campuses are located at Persiaran Duta and Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, and another campus is located at Bandar Universiti Pagoh, Johor.

Student Accommodation

IIUM Student residence is called 'Mahallah', derived from Arabic, it refers to rooms or hostels provided on campus by the university for their students from the first half of your studies until you graduate from IIUM.

Islamization as university's mission

With its mission to integrate Islamic Revealed knowledge with the secular Western civilization, IIUM promotes the Islamisation of studies in all the course offered.


IIUM is also known as an international university. Students from abroad come to Malaysia to pursue their first degree, master's, and PhD. Enjoy the international atmosphere and friendship while you study in IIUM.

Language enhancement

English and Arabic are the two main mediums of instruction in the university. There are many language enhancement programmes offered to help students with their proficiency and mastery of the languages. 

Campus facilities

There are various facilities that you can enjoy in the university campus that includes a computer lab with internet access, a massive and state-of-the-art library, a centrally located mosque, a Musolla (prayer room) in every faculty building, a variety of cafes serving both local and international food, and many interesting spots for students to chill after a long day of classes. Wi-Fi signal is also provided around the campus. The university also offers Student Hall bus services straight to your Faculty. Printing shops can be found everywhere in campus if you require photocopying and printing services.

Student's clubs and societies

Each faculty hosts a variety of organizations and groups for students. Societies and clubs provide activities like camping, hiking, school student support group, volunteerism for needy communities, and even programs that create a bond between campus students and the community.

Disabled-friendly Campus

When you walk through the university campus, you can find a few signage for people with disabilities, or a specific road allowing them to pass through. IIUM gains its rights and excellent assistance from a program called Disability Support Unit (DSU) to serve the needs of all disabled students. It is the university's effort to ensure equal opportunities for students with disabilities in accessing the comprehensive teaching and learning environment.

Ultimately, choosing a university for your postgraduate level of education in your life is essential as its environment and nature would affect the way you live your life after graduation.

Let me take you to the course we offer at affordable tuition fees. Yes, our tuition fees are way more affordable than European and American Postgraduate degree programs. You may be asking …what about the quality and reputation and ranking of IIUM are they at par with European and American universities?

The answer is Yes and if you take a closer look:

  • We are ranked as the world's best university for Islamic Banking and Finance.
  • We are number 37 in the world for Theology, Divinity and Religious studies,
  • Under the segment of Top 50 Under 50, we are in between #101-150 in world
  • We are #140 In Asian University Rankings
  • Overall in the world, we Ranked in between #601-651

Okay, so what's the entry requirement? Well, it depends on the program you choose.

At IIUM, we have designed postgraduate programs based on the industrial needs. They are developed to equip the students with all the transferable skills in their personal and professional goals.

IIUM students benefit from dynamic learning methods and programs such as 'non-residential distance learning' and 'by research,' which involve minimal to no attendance at all in our campus. Via versatile degree frameworks, IIUM students often profit from the numbers and variety of course offerings, leading experts and educators, business connections, and various incentives for scholarships.

If you're struggling to make up your mind, then why not consider one of the courses run by the faculties below?

IIUM offers Postgraduate programs at the following Kulliyyahs/ Faculties/ Centres/ Institutes

  1. Faculty of laws


  1. Faculty of economics and management sciences (http://www.iium.edu.my/kulliyyah/kenms)
  2. Faculty of architecture and environmental design


  1. Faculty of engineering


  1. Faculty of information and communication technology


  1. Faculty of islamic revealed knowledge and human sciences


  1. Faculty of allied health sciences


  1. Faculty of medicine


  1. Faculty of nursing


  1. Faculty of science


  1. Faculty of dentistry


  1. Faculty languages and management


  1. Faculty of pharmacy


  1. Faculty of education


  1. International institute of Islamic thought and civilisation (ISTAC-IIUM).


  1. IIUM Institute of Islamic banking and finance (IIiBF)


  1. International Institute for halal research and training (INHART)


  1. IIUM Academy of graduate and professional studies (AGPS)


University life as we know it, is an important and equally exciting phase in a person’s life. This also means we need to make crucial decision.

The windows are open for someone like you to come along and know much about the fascinating possibilities at our World Most Globalized Islamic University, IIUM.

However, despite these challenging times due to COVID 19, we are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for all students. We accept applications for our intakes in September 2020 and January 2021, and will provide all the assistance you need for your registration.

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