MBA in Public Universities in Malaysia

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Pursuing the MBA programme is one of the most popular routes to take to ensure that one can move up the career ladder. Public universities in Malaysia are primarily funded by the government. There are 20 public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia, 15 of which offer an MBA programme.

According to the table above, the cost of Public University MBA courses range from RM19,000 to RM40,000


Public universities have lower fees due to being supported by the government and they have a higher enrolment rate - Image via Pixabay

Public universities are mainly supported by government funds. For this reason alone, public universities are cheaper than private or branch campus universities. Because of its lower fees, public universities typically have higher enrolment rate.


Most of the public universities are state universities and they make sure that the ratio is manageable - Image via Pixabay

While this may affect the ratio of professor-to-student, public universities are aware of this concern. They make sure that the ratio is manageable. On the flip side, with more course mates, that means students will have interactions with a wider and potentially more diverse network of people. Most public universities are state universities unlike other types of institutions of higher learning that are cluttered in the capital city or major cities.


Unfortunately, you cannot decide the university of your choice if you’re applying through UPU - Image via Pixabay

If you choose a public university in your home state, you can be closer to home and even save more in terms of your cost of living. However, applying through the UPU portal will render your options up to those in charge, and whether they select you or otherwise. If you are selected for a course in a state that isn’t close, you cannot appeal directly and will have to undertake the aforementioned option.


Public universities will soon reach the QS rankings of the world’s top universities - Image via Pixabay

Public universities continue to excel on the international front, with the rise up the QS and THE world university ranking notable. For more information about said rankings, please click here. (Insert link for research universities in Malaysia)

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