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Why veterinary science is the next hot course

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 20, 2017, 11:55 am

Think you love animals and want to pursue a course in veterinary science?

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Reports on animal abuse in local zoos and the birth of panda cubs in Zoo Negara have called for more attention to the field of veterinary science. Consider this and the following reasons you should go for it.

1. Study Opportunities

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Although jobs are not guaranteed upon graduation and there are limited seats at local universities, this course is widely offered abroad. For instance, Medic Pro Link recommends universities like Gadjah Madah University (UGM), Bogor University and Airlangga University as they offer affordable and quality veterinary courses, all of which are recognised by JPA and will enable you to operate your own clinic back in Malaysia.

The admittance rate for this course at these universities are as high as 90-95% as long as students receive a minimum of 2.0 in their CGPA. Even if you have studied in the arts stream at STPM but underwent the science stream at the SPM level, you will still be able to apply for this course. In fact, the student placement agency will help you through documentation, entrance examinations as well as processes upon admission such as accommodation.

2. Job Demand

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According to Medic Pro Link, the demand in the job industry for veterinarians is high. There is a shortage of veterinarians in Malaysia – with the numbers reaching up to 1600. More institutes are being created to meet this demand. The need for veterinarians are not only high for nursing domestic animals but are also becoming important in improving the fields of agriculture and animal breeding. In most cases, however, graduates apply for a licence from the Malaysian Veterinary Council (MVC) and operate their own clinic.

3. Passion

Image via Flickr - U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ultimately, if you care about the welfare and health of animals, this could be the course for you. Being passionate in what you do will drive you to do your best as a veterinarian, but it will also help the animals when you are fully committed. With passion and determination, you will find that working as a veterinarian can be both rewarding and challenging.

Watch this video to find out about other kinds of veterinarian jobs:

Veterinary Medicine: It's More Than You Think


Medic Pro Link advises that you research the courses that you want. Find out more about how you can study to be a Veterinarian through Medic Pro Link here.

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