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UPU 2017/18: Important Reminder about Changing/Shifting Courses & Appealing

Published by Afterschool.my on May 15, 2017, 04:08 pm

For those of you who were successful in the released UPU results, congratulations! However, there are many who now ask if they can shift to a different course because they aren't happy with the one they were given. Some would even go so far as to reject the offer and re-apply via the 'Rayuan UPUOnline' or UPU Appeal. Please remember that any student who has been given an offer and proceeds to reject it to apply again through appeal, his/her application will not be considered. 'Rayuan UPU Online' is only for those who did not receive a SINGLE offer. For those of you who want to shift to a different course, your ONLY option is to first and foremost, accept the current offer. Then, once you have joined said course, you may try and appeal to the university you are in and check if there are any vacancies in the desired course. However, there is no guarantee at all, and this process and the decisions involved will be at the behest of the university itself. 


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