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Published by on Dec 24, 2015, 01:23 pm

#1 Accounting

It is among the most popular fields around the world because if you are a qualified accountant, you have a very good chance when it comes to getting a good job.

Check out the following fields related accounting and finance.


#2 Actuarial Science

Mathematics lovers shined in 2015. They expressed a massive interest in this field because skilled actuaries will be able to locate a job related to banking, finance, insurance, and investment in a short time.

Find out more about this programme.

#3 Petroleum Engineering

Degree holders in this field will be able to work in the oil and gas industry and are required to have good skills and experience to move up the ranks faster.

Find out more about Petroleum Engineering.

#4 Chemical Engineering

It is a general discipline that focuses on chemical processes, producing new compounds, researching and designing new material and producing chemicals that can be used in a number of industries at all levels. Chemical engineers have a broader prospect when compared to petroleum engineering.

Find out more about chemical engineering.

 #5 Psychology

An individual with a degree in psychology is able to find a job in fields related to teaching, marketing, counselling and various other industries. A qualified individual can pursue a career in clinical psychology. These individuals may work as consultants to the justice department and may offer their services to the department of health and mental rehabilitation centres.

More about this course.

 #6 Medicine

It has a sense of social and cultural prestige if someone is a doctor. But, just like any other field, it has its own complications and difficult times.

Find more about medicine.

 #7 Dentistry

Dental healthcare is one of the most revered fields in healthcare. To become an independent dentist, you need a long experience and adequate qualifications.

Find more details about this field.

 #8 Biomedical Science

For as long as there has been medicine, there has been medical sciences that is associated closely with biochemistry, haematology, immunology, microbiology, histology, cytology, and transfusion services

What is this course?

#9 Aircraft Maintenance

This is the perfect field for individuals who are fascinated with aircrafts and the components within. They love fixing and taking care of these machines and they carry a massive responsibility on their shoulders to ensure safe flights for thousands of passengers.

Malaysia needs to have more professionals in this field, find out more about it.

#10 Pharmacy

If you are good at chemistry and would like to improve the quality of life for people, you can be a pharmacist. Because of the knowledge acquired in this field, you will be able to work in various fields.

Get more info about being a pharmacist.

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