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This Malaysian scientist just discovered a hidden blackhole

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 10, 2017, 10:57 am

A young Malaysian PhD student from Johor at Durham University just changed the way we look at galaxies in our universe.

Ady Annuar

Ms Nur Adlyka Ainul Annuar (Ady Annuar) is one of the leading researcher on a galaxy known as NGC 1448. The galaxy is in our cosmic neighbourhood and is only 38 million light years away from the Milky Way. In the standards of the Universe, this is like the backyard of your house if you have one; or is like the spot where you park the car when you are home.

This galaxy was hiding a monster in the middle. The monster was hiding in a cloud of gas and dust that acted like a blanket. Amazingly, that monster is a super massive blackhole. It is REALLY BIG.


That blackhole was discovered in 2009 but Ady’s research confirmed that this blackhole is huge and it was hiding like a monster under your bed.

Why this is important? The universe is full of clouds and dust and there could be another super massive blackhole hiding somewhere even closer. Blackholes are important because they play a huge role in the formation and evolution of galaxies. They can improve our understanding of the universe.


She, Ady, studied physics and astrophysics at the university of Sheffield. Now she is about to complete her PhD in astrophysics in Durham University, probably by June 2017.

Ady is a MARA scholar.

Why should you care about this story?

Because if you are like Ady and her discovery, a genius hiding in plain sight, then you can pursue your higher education at a prestigious university. Organisations like MARA and JPA can and will sponsor you if you have what it takes.

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