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The Perks of Being the Bawse

Published by Afterschool.my on May 24, 2017, 11:04 am

Over the hordes of screaming fans that did not relent throughout Lilly Singh’s one-and-a-half-hour show, all of whom clamoured to be seen in her closing video even if it was just for a second, Superwoman Lilly stood tall. She was sassy, honest, funny, and above all, nice.

In an age where almost anyone and everyone tries to make it big on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, Lilly has earned a huge cult following, probably best highlighted by the those using Unicorn onesie, a nod to the success of her clothing brand cum online store, Unicorn Island. Things didn’t start out too well for the superstar, who admits to having aimlessly followed in her sister’s footsteps and majored in psychology, when in actual fact, she had no idea what she wanted to do. So large is her influence presently though, that she has had multiple cameo appearances in movies and her own lipstick line, all the while chugging along on vlogs and her YouTube channel, which is honing in on the 2 billion view mark.

Not satisfied keeping the secrets of her success to herself, Lilly wrote and published How To Be A Bawse: A Guide to Surviving Conquering Life, another addition to her already bulging CV, and kicked off a tour around the world to promote it and meet her adoring fans. Spoiler alert: The secret though, isn’t really a secret, as Lilly herself points out on multiple occasions throughout her set. Hard work is the name of the game, with a side of consistency to match. Her fan base ranges from the young to slightly older crowd, and to all of them, she says that there is no substitute for putting in hard work and taking the stairs or climbing the ladder instead of taking the escalator. It builds a solid foundation she adds, in an exclusive interview with Ashvini Nair, an intern at Faceberry Communications, a BAC Affiliate Company.

For all her swagger, confidence and enthusiasm, money hasn’t gone to her head as Lilly constantly reminded the crowd the importance of being nice. She attributes all her successes on every platform so far down to simple and consistent hard work, while remaining nice at the same time, an important message to the youngsters who represented quite prominently in the crowd. The refreshing sight of a star who has collaborated with global superstars like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Selena Gomez, who was able to strut on stage, be unapologetically about herself and still convey such a meaningful message, was a joy to behold. The work required to get there is relentless, but the perks of being a bawse make it worth it.

Lilly Singh: How to be a Bawse Tour is organised by FAC3 Entertainment in partnership with PR Worldwide Malaysia and brought to you by Brickfields Asia College.


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