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Apply to UKM Directly Without Using UPU : A Second Chance At Attending A Public University

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 09, 2017, 12:27 pm

Rejection always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, and many a student may feel their stomachs churn digesting negative results from UPU. Sadly, not even their stomach acids could hope to nullify the feeling of numbness, a side effect of being rejected by the university you dreamed of attending, or from a course you felt was your destiny. But what if we told you that you could still attend a public university, despite the blow you’ve just been dealt? What if we told you there was a second option that you could opt for, that would allow you to join a prestigious public university that placed 16th in the world on QS’ Top 50 under 50 university rankings. If you haven’t already guessed by now, the institution in question is Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and the second chance is their newly launched programme, the UKM International Bachelor Degree Programme.UKM has put in place a handful of international programmes over the last few years, but this programme is vastly different from those of time past. Bigger in sheer scale and opportunity, 2017 sees them open 27 new programmes for the local and international market. The reason they proudly bestow the word ‘international’ in the title of this new programme is purely due to the fact that students will not only be able to enrol in a degree programme, they’ll also have the privilege of joining a summer mobility programme, providing them with a side of international spice alongside the tried and trusted programme that UKM have been offering for decades.While this may all seem not too uplifting to a student still nursing their wounds from rejection from UPU, the clear pull comes from the fact that this programme does not require students to apply via UPU. Mr. Megat Syarifuddin, Marketing & Business Development Executive of UKM, goes on to explain :"The learning content and execution of classes will still remain the same to ensure the quality of education. However, there will be additional benefits with the enrolment of international students that will encourage internationalization between the classmates and diversity in exchange of ideas."

In short, this new programme finds itself as a beacon of hope for students, one that does not require the arduous process of applying via UPU, and one that seemingly has, and whisper it quietly, and added advantage over it’s more domesticated sibling course. In an attempt to sustain their blooming reputation, UKM has maintained carefully curated requirements, one that students will still have to meet in order to gain admission. On top of that, another differentiating factor would be the fees that students will have to fork out. Mr. Megat assures that their fees have been given the same treatment as their requirements, derived as a result of acute observation and intricate analysis of fees listed by other private institutions."We have carefully studied the cost required for the programmes offered and also took into consideration the standard market fees before coming up with the final cost for our programmes. We can safely say that the cost for each programmes are competitive and will definitely be an attractive point for those looking for quality education at an affordable price."

Courses offered by UKM's International Bachelor Degree Programme

With the obvious differences in place, students could not be faulted if they were hesitant about the type of degree they would receive upon graduation, expecting it to be significantly different from that of a student who gained acceptance via UPU. Diving with the worry to even deeper depths, students would probably anticipate having classes that were separated, maybe even questioning the quality of lecturers they would receive as their mentors. Putting all the understandable questions to rest, Mr. Megat clarifies that there would indeed be no difference in degree obtained, nor classes held between students who gained acceptance via the two pathways."One of the beauties of this programme is that there is no separation between the ones who enrol through UPU and this international channel. The classes will be combined together, therefore, this will be a form of encouragement for students to actively communicate with one another and also creates a sense of diversity in the learning process. The quality and accreditation is similar to the students who enrol through UPU. However, students who enrol through this channel will be given the priority to join our Summer or Mobility Programme".


While most of the information that has filtered through seems incredibly promising, a godsend even for those who prayed for an alternative route into UKM, the sceptics thought’s may still linger on, wondering why UKM, who has shot up the QS rankings to achieve its highest spot yet, would offer such an enticing prospect. Mr. Megat cites UKM’s only obvious Achilles heel, the difficulty they’ve faced in creating awareness of the vast programmes they offer, and the fact that all of them have taken a significant time to draw attention from the public amidst the options that flood both their minds and social media feeds."However, this does not stop us from continue persuading the students and creating awareness amongst the public. With UKM’s improved ranking, we are sure there will be an increase in the number of people who will look into the programmes that we offer for the international market. With the birth of UKM International, we will be able to accommodate more international candidates and also opening doors for possible collaborations with other institutions or countries in providing our quality education".The UKM International programme allots students an opportunity to travel and experience the sights and sounds of learning campuses from around the globe in countries such as Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Germany, and even the USA. Are you interested? If so, you may first check below for the programmes offered by the UKM International Degree programme: 


 For STPM /Matrikulasi / Asasi / Diploma students, please click here to view the detailed requirements for EVERY course offered. (UPDATE: Please note that UKM have confirmed that there will be no interviews necessary in the application process).


Click here to view the cost for all courses (Local students)

Click here to view the cost for all courses (International students)Students may apply to PTPTN or other external loans for sponsorship during this course. 

How To Apply

Click here for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply

Download the application form by clicking here

Closing Date: Currently OPEN (Closing Date To Be Confirmed)

Click here to find out more about UKM's brand new International Degree Programme (September intake is now open) , your second chance at gaining a spot at a public university.

Call UKM at 03-8921 5331 for more info.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions regrading this programme.


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