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Top Perks of Graduating With a Foreign Degree in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 21, 2015, 03:01 pm

A lot of students go abroad for the knowledge and because it is seen as a fast track to eventually settling overseas.


However, an increase in xenophobia has seen many countries tightening the regulations of migration and job opportunities for Malaysians, especially.

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Although the chances of working in countries such as the UK may be slim, it cannot be denied that nowadays a foreign degree is very helpful in getting a job locally. Here's why:

Internationally recognized credentials

international cred

This probably does not need much explaining, especially if you graduate from a top university.

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Employers tend to view graduates with foreign degrees as having better communication skills, independence, intellectual and exposed to a mix of cultures: the recipe for a perfect office employee.

Overseas studies equal experience

overseas experience

Often foreign-degree holders, if they are seen as qualified enough, might be recruited at a more senior position.

This is because many foreign degree programmes place high importance on comprehensive learning which sharpens real-life technical skills that can translate well in the industry students will be working in.

Global market savvy

global market

Companies across sectors are looking towards international markets, so it makes sense for them to employ foreign degree graduates who are able to understand the local culture and the cutting edge technology and trends from overseas at the same time.

For instance, a British company looking to develop business in Malaysia would be happy to hire a UK degree-holding Malaysian as they have a better understanding of cultural elements that will help to work with the head office in Britain.

Special skillsets

special skillset

Employers believe that a foreign degree helps change the way graduates look at things and broadens their horizons.

Companies tend to hire for skillsets that are generally not available locally. This could be related to new technology and new products not offered in public universities and the courses available in local institutions.

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