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Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 18, 2020, 05:39 pm

Applying to your desired universities and colleges can be a process and requires a lot of documentation, so you must not forget any important (steps) during the process as it will affect your chances of enrolling in your dream school. Because of this, we will guide you step-by-step on the materials needed and the items that must be submitted to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you! Here are the step-by-step instructions on the processes of applying and a list of documents you need to submit for your application.


Choosing Your Course



Choosing your course is the first step to your application process. Make sure the course is the right one and is something you are passionate about. Now, once you have chosen your course, finding the right study level is next. As mentioned before, there are 3 study levels; pre-university, undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees. So do cross-check your course and study level before you make any official applications. To check what courses are offered in Malaysia and the study levels, you may refer to our course page.


Finding Institutions that Offer Your Course



After you have found your course and know what you want to further your studies in, it's time to find a place to continue. Finding the right institution is just as important as finding the right course, as it is a place where you will be spending your university days for a few years and somewhere you'll be create memories along the way, so having the right academic and social environment is crucial. Do scroll through our institutions page and find an environment that suits your needs and ensures a fun yet scholarly feel during your studies!

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements will determine whether you are suitable enough for the course and is up to the institution's level. Every institution and the course they offer has a particular skill set and different entry requirements. So to know what grades you need to be obtaining to get into your dream school, do have a look at their entry requirements and make sure you can score those grades before graduating from high school or pre-university qualifications. To know what you need, do have a look at our course page, browse through your desired courses and institution, and there you can find the entry requirements before applying to the schools.


Application Process



The application process is the longest process when it comes to applying to your desired school, it usually takes months and requires you to start the process the final year of your high school career or pre-university qualification. While the application process may be hectic and confusing, Afterschool ensures you that during the process we will guide you step-by-step from the beginning till the very end when you receive a letter of offer from the university. Here is the step-by-step process of applying to universities and college via Afterschool.


Apply Through Us



Firstly, to receive guidance from the Afterschool team, you must fill in a form that can be found on the afterschool website via the courses page. So, know your desired course first and find the institution you wish to study at. When you have found these necessary items, you fill find an apply online button and through this, a form will be provided where you will give the information that will help the Afterschool team guide you on your application process after submitted. The process for filling in the form is shown visually below to prevent any confusion and make the process easy and smooth!


Step 1: Finding Your Desired Institution (Example: Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur)


Step 2: Finding Your Desired Course via the Institution's Page



Step 3: Click 'Apply Now' and Filling In The Form Provided


Counsellor Advice and Guidance


After filling in and submitting the form, the Afterschool Counsellors will contact you and help guide you on the application process! This will make things easier and make the process go smoothly as they will advise you on which institutions are a perfect fit for you, cross-check on your entry requirements, send relevant documents to the institution on your behalf and will stay till you have received a letter of offer from the university or college of your choice.

Cross-Checking with Your Entry Requirements


As mentioned above, your entry requirements are very important and will determine whether you can enrol in the institution of your choice. With the counsellor guidance, they will give you advice on whether you are capable of enrolling in your desired institutions and if not, they will help you find institutions that are a perfect fit for you based on your current grades. Because of this, you will have to provide your trial results (if you are still in your academic career and have not yet received your final grades) or submitting your final examination results after they have been published. After your submission, they will cross-check your grades with the institution that you want to apply for.


Sending Relevant Documents


When you have met the minimum entry requirements for the course of your choice, they counsellors will contact you again and ask you to submit all the relevant documents needed for the college or university application. Such relevant documents are; a copy of your ID/Passport, your final examination grades (from high school or pre-university), academic transcripts, reference letters, proof of language proficiency, statement of purpose, and a portfolio. After you have submitted these documents to the counsellor, the counsellors will submit these supporting documents along with your application to the university. After they have been submitted, you will just have to wait until the institution has approved your application and send a letter of offer.


Results & Letter of Offer


The final but the most nerve-wracking part of the application process is receiving your results and finding out whether you have cut into the school of your dreams. Every student dreads this moment but there is nothing to worry about as the counsellors have made sure that the institution that you applied for is the one for you! After everything has been processed by the institution, they will send you a letter determining whether you will become a future student in the institution. If you have made the cut and have become a successful candidate, you will receive a letter of offer and when you do, you will now be in the hands of the institution and finish your application process with them (eg, accepting the offer, paying the admission and registration fees, finding your dormitory or place of study during your studies, etc). If not, it's okay! You can apply again somewhere else and maybe you'll be successful then, so no need to be worried!


Visa Application

After accepting your letter of offer from the institution, before you can fly out of the country to the place of study, you must go through the necessary visa applications. You will need to receive a student visa before you can fly to Malaysia because if you do not have the visa you will not be granted access into the country. So before booking any tickets and packing your bags, you must apply for your visa. The visa application process will be shown in guidance with the school of your choice and they will help guide you on the step-by-step process on applying for an international student visa for Malaysia.


Visa Application Process (Example: Monash University Malaysia)





Lastly, after everything has been settled with your visa, you can now fly to Malaysia to start on the new leg of your academic career. You can now settle in your dormitory or apartment (if you choose to live outside) and finish your registration in the campus, go on a campus tour after things have been settled with the admission and fee office and wait for the orientation week that is normally held a week before your classes start. Now, you can enjoy the next three to four years of your tertiary academic career and create new memories with the new friends you will make along the way in your new environment. We wish you luck and hope you enjoy your university life in Malaysia!

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