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Reasons to Study in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 07, 2020, 04:21 pm

Malaysia is a top tourism destination that is fast becoming a health tourism hub in Asia. However, this lush, beautiful country is also a great choice for higher education.



Intriguing diversity

Malaysia is a diverse and multiracial country, making it a perfect place to introduce all visitors to different cultural customs and traditions. Do not worry about being the odd one out here; there is no one way to be in Malaysia and people here are known for their hospitality.



Along with the different cultures come the festive celebrations. Where else can you find people of different faiths coming together to celebrate Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Christmas and many more? Come and experience dynamic and exciting student life and prepare to be awed.



Nasi lemak, roti canai, sate, dimsum, mee wantan, banana leaf rice; the list goes on and on. Malaysia is a haven for foodies and you will never find yourself without a new option to sample during meal time. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western and even Korean cuisine, you name it, Malaysia has it! Plus, if you want to try exotic fruits and indigenous cuisine, Malaysia is the place to be.



Ample destinations to relax and visit

One of the best reasons to come to Malaysia is the beautiful vacation destinations you can visit during study breaks. Within its borders lie the nation’s capital Kuala Lumpur, cooler destinations Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands, the historic cities of Malacca and Penang, and many more. If you are a fan of the outdoors, you will be spoilt for choice as there are many wonderful beaches, rainforests and caves that you can visit. Look out for rare fauna and flora that are unique to this country.



Ease of communication

Although the official language is Bahasa Malaysia, English is widely spoken in the country. It is, after all, the main medium of communication in the corporate sector and universities. As an added bonus, studying in Malaysia provides you with the opportunity to learn an additional language or two as you will likely mix with coursemates from multiple ethnic backgrounds.


Welcoming and friendly locals

Malaysia is ranked the 16th in the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2019. The crime rate in Malaysia is very low. People are very helpful and open to the foreigners that visit. Overall, it’s a welcoming and safe country.


Public transportation

Transportation in Malaysia is comfortable and affordable. Kuala Lumpur is a metropolitan area and there are lots of transportation that you can choose from, which makes getting around easier. According to the survey done by Taxi2Airport, Malaysia’s public transport is the cheapest in Southeast Asia, with an average ticket for bus and train (MRT, LRT, monorail, KTM, ERL) costing around RM3.00 for transit across a few stations.



Low living expenses  

When it comes to living in Malaysia for foreigners it can be very cheap, especially when your currency exchange rate is high in your respective country compared to Malaysia. Food, transportation, shopping, entertainment and education are usually highly affordable, so you do not have to worry about financial issues while you are here. However, when coming to Malaysia, do know your budget, how much you earn monthly and how much you are willing to spend during your stay here, especially if you plan on staying here a long time.https://www.instarem.com/blog/an-expats-guide-to-the-cost-of-living-in-malaysia,

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