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Best Places to Eat Around Uni in Malaysian Student Cities

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 17, 2017, 06:12 am

There is much debate on which are the best places to eat as many local food chains claim they’re the best. But since you’re here to study, we picked out a few best places to eat that’s closest to your university.  

Eat Drink Thai

Eat Drink ThaiEat Drink Thai

Image via Eat Drink Thai’s Facebook Page

If it happens to be a rainy day or just a day where you feel like eating authentic Thai food, Eat Drink Thai is the place to go. This place can be pretty crowded during lunch hours with their lunch deals that cost as low as RM6.90. The cosy environment and attentive staff makes it a good place to enjoy a meal with your buddies. They serve a variety of Thai food including Pad Thai, Thai Fried Rice, Green Curry, Tom Yam, etc. If you’re going in a group, try out their seafood-in-a-pan complete with five types of soup and rice.

Address: 9 Jalan PJU 5/9, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Google Maps:

Contact: 03-6151 2888

Opening Hours: Monday till Sunday (11.30am - 3.00pm, 5.30pm - 10.00pm)

Distance from SEGi University: 11 minutes’ drive



Uncle Jang

Uncle JangUncle Jang

Image via TripAdvisor

Uncle Jang serves up tasty Korean food. One of their specialties is their Dak-galbi dish, a mixture of meat, potatoes and cabbage in spicy Korean sauce. You can customise your order by choosing between ramen, cheese, rice, chicken, potatoes, cabbage and rice cake OR you could just have all of those mixed together in a big stove. Trust us, although it sounds weird to add so many things in, it’s still really good. There’s free refills for water and side dishes. The funny thing is, you have an apron to wear while enjoying your meal but the staff is the one cooking for you. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, they have non-spicy dishes as well. 

Address: No 1-1, Bandar Puteri, Jalan Puteri 1/7, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Google Maps:

Contact: +60 3-6150 5959

Opening Hours: Monday till Sunday (12pm – 10pm)

Distance from SEGi University: 35 minutes’ drive



Elda’s Farmhouse

Elda’s FarmhouseElda’s Farmhouse

Image via TripAdvisor

This place actually looks like a ‘kampung’, a traditional wooden house some Malaysians stay in that is becoming more rare these days. Dining here feels almost like having home cooked food. With the cosy environment, lush greenery surrounding the ‘house’ and food made from nothing but fresh ingredients picked from their own vegetable garden, Elda’s Farmhouse will definitely make you feel at home (or at least have an experience dining at a Malaysian home). The authentic Malay dishes are all cooked by the owner so you can imagine how much ‘love’ she puts in.

Address: Lot 470A Jalan Bangi Lama, Semenyih 43500, Malaysia

Google Maps:

Contact: +60 13-201 0436

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (10am – 9pm)

Distance from Manipal International University: 23 minutes’ drive



Luen Fong Restaurant

Luen Fong RestaurantLuen Fong Restaurant

Image via TripAdvisor

A typical Chinese restaurant that serves deliciously fresh seafood at a reasonable price. Whether you prefer fried or steamed, their food is so good, it’ll make you come back for more. Popular for their aromatic freshwater prawns and fish, they also serve squid, crabs, fried tofu and many more. Some TV hosts have also given their thumbs up for their naturally sweet and sumptuous seafood. 

Address: No. 19 Market Street, Tanjung Tualang 31800, Malaysia

Google Maps:

Contact: 6053609267

Opening Hours: Monday till Sunday (12pm – 10pm)

Distance from Universiti Teknologi Petronas: 22 minutes’ drive

Website: N/A


Watashi No Men

Watashi No MenWatashi No Men

Image via Watashi No Men’s Facebook Page

If cold noodles is not really your thing, then you’ve probably not been to this Japanese restaurant. Their signature cold noodles is a must-try together with their famous Udon, Karaage, Kakiage, Pork Chop Ramen and Garlic Fried Rice. Plus, UTAR students also get an exclusive 20% discount.

Address: Lot 2A, Ground Floor, Jalan SL 1/12, Bandar Sungai Long, 43000, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia, 43000 Kajang

Google Maps:

Contact: 019-663 5154

Opening Hours: Monday till Sunday (11am – 9pm)

Distance from UTAR: 6 minutes’ drive



Spice Grill

Spice GrillSpice Grill

Image via TripAdvisor

Have you ever had a lamb dish with cheese and sesame naan? No? Well, then it’s time to head on to Spice Grill, a local Indian restaurant that’s vegetarian friendly. Spice Grill serves dishes such as fish head curry, butter naan, mango chicken, spinach with cheese cubes, mutton, tandoori chicken and countless other mouth-watering delicacies. We’ll leave the rest for you to discover yourself. While you’re at it, remember to head on to Legoland that’s just 6 minutes away from here, just to ya’know, relax from all your assignments.

Address: Lot 1B & 4B, Ground Floor of Little Red Cube Club, Johor Bahru 81300, Malaysia

Google Maps:

Contact: +60 7-509 6644

Opening Hours: Monday till Sunday (12pm – 10pm)

Distance from University of Southampton: 11 minutes’ drive





Image via TripAdvisor

What better place to enjoy great Indian food other than Brickfields itself? Widely known for its’ ‘Little India’ concept, this place will no doubt serve one of the best vegetarian Indian food. If the food portion in Malaysia is a little small for you, you can opt for a buffet here. Not only do they boast in their unique Indian heritage, whether North or South Indian cuisine, they also offer great service.   

Address: Temple of Fine Arts 114-116 Jalan Berhala Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur 50470, Malaysia

Google Maps:

Contact: +60 3-2272 3799

Opening Hours: Tuesdays till Sundays (11.30am – 3pm; 6.30pm – 10pm)

Distance from Brickfields Asia College: 14 minutes’ drive



Sate Rono

Sate RonoSate Rono

Image via Sate Rono Kajang’s Instagram

If you’re studying at the German-Malaysian Institute, this place may be slightly far for you and nearer for those studying at IUKL. But trust us, it’s worth the trip. Kajang is famous for their satay, grilled skewed meat dipped in spicy peanut sauce. Foodies from other states flock to Kajang just to try this special dish which is paired with glutinous rice and cucumbers to cool down the heat. Sate Rono is rated 8 out of 10 and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best satay stalls in Kajang so you don’t have to travel too far from where you study. 

Address: Jalan Satu, Taman Delima, 43000 Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor

Google Maps:

Contact: 016-915 6996

Opening Hours: 

Distance from German-Malaysian Institute: 25 minutes’ drive

Distance from IUKL: 16 minutes’ drive



Village Park

Village ParkVillage Park

Image via TimeOut Kuala Lumpur

Okay, this place is Da-Bomb! Nasi Lemak has always been a staple in Malaysia for every race and religion. So if you intend to study here, the Nasi Lemak at Village Park is a must-try. From the fluffy coconut scented rice, crispy-on-the-outside and juicy-on-the-inside fried chicken to the sweet and spicy sambal, there’ll be a lot going on in your taste buds, but in a good way. It also comes with a side of hard-boiled egg, thinly fried anchovies and cucumbers so you get a healthy, balanced meal. This restaurant is dubbed as one of the best Nasi Lemak stalls around. Village Park was voted as the Best Ayam Goreng (best fried chicken) in Time Out KL Food Awards 2014 and Blogger’s Choice in 2011. 

Address: 5 Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, 47401 

Google Maps:

Contact: 03-7710 7860

Opening Hours: Mondays till Saturdays (7am - 7.30pm)

Sundays (7am - 6pm)

Distance from SEGi University: 14 minutes’ drive



Bruno’s Steaks and Burgers

Bruno’s Steaks and BurgersBruno’s Steaks and Burgers

Image via Yelp Kuala Lumpur

If you fancy food trucks, you’ll love this. If you’re a meat lover, you’d fall head over heels for this. Just like it’s name, they sell good quality, juicy steaks and burgers. Its’ one-of-a-kind succulent and tender meat, whether steaks or ducks, are cooked to perfection in whatever doneness you prefer while enjoying it under a tree. Yes, the food truck is right under a tree. Once you try it, we’re sure you’ll come back for more. If you’re studying at International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW), then basking in steaks and burgers will not take too much effort. 

P/S: Big eaters may want to order the whole duck breast because it comes with unlimited tortillas.

Address: Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Google Maps:

Contact: 016-335 0295

Opening Hours: Daily from 7pm onwards

Distance from IUMW: 15 minutes’ drive

Website: https://www.facebook.com/brunos.sousvidesteaksnburgers/

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