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Health professions education is in the front-line of professional practice. It helps to integrate a core set of competencies into health professions education and provides the education necessary to produce effective leaders and scholars in health professions education. It aims to create opportunities for learners to make contributions to their institutions, and to national and regional priorities.

IMU Postgraduate Certi? cate, Diploma and Master Programmes in Health Professions Education are designed especially for health professionals who work in education. They aim to enable learners to develop an in-depth understanding of educational principles and values related to scholarship methods, curriculum, instruction, competence assessment, programme evaluation, quality assessment, primary care education, clinical decision making, and health related humanities, professionalism and ethics as well as management and leadership skills in health professions education. Job opportunities include teaching positions, positions in research organisations (including government department), positions involving designing, organising and developing curriculum, and positions of leadership in health professions education.


Detailed entry requirements


•Applicant must have earned a bachelor degree or an advanced professional degree in a health professions discipline. •Applicants with a degree in a related ?eld and signi?cant experience in a health professions setting will also be considered. •Applicants must have a bachelor degree (level 6 KKM) with a minimum CGPA of 2.5. •If below 2.5 the applicant must have at least 3 years of working experience.


The Standard English Proficiency requirements for IMU programmes are usually, overall band scores of IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 (PBT) or 79 (IBT), TOEIC 620, Pearson 55 (PTE), Cambridge 45 (CPE) or 52 (CAE) or MUET band 4 or any other recognised English language qualification. IMU also admits international students from countries in which English is the first language or from any Malaysian or international institutions where the curriculum is conducted fully in English.All students at entry who do not have proof of any of the above recognised competencies in the English language will be required to sit for an English Placement Test to assess their language competency. If any of the students fail the English Placement Test then they will be required to attend a course on Academic Writing. The English Placement Test and the Academic Writing Module are offered at a cost.

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