Study ICAEW in Malaysia

Course Duration:

3 - 5 Years

Average Salary:

MYR 600,000 - 700,000

Average Fees:

MYR 20,000 - 30,000

Job Demand:

What is ICAEW?

Founded in 1880, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) is an international professional body that supports more than 150,000 ICAEW Chartered Accountants in 155 countries around the world. They run the globally-recognised ACA qualification, enabling those interested in a career in finance to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.

Studying ICAEW in Malaysia involves the process of keeping track of financial accounts, ensuring the flow of money and handling all money matters.

ICAEW Chartered Accountants work at the highest levels of business across all economic sectors. They hold positions within the finance departments of companies and not-for-profits all over the world. They work in accountancy firms, large and small, offering vital services to individuals and business clients. 

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What are the branches of ICAEW?

Audit and Assurance



Corporate Finance

Forensic Accounting


Public Sector


What are the subjects you will study in a ICAEW course ?

Why should you study ICAEW?

With ACA, you can take your career in any direction. And you can become one of the sought-after finance professionals for our fast-changing world needs

For a professional qualification in Accounting, ACA is usually the top choice. Here are some reasons why:

Attract the best employers

Many employers worldwide are looking for ACA-trained professionals because they are known to be skilled in strategic thinking and possess professional values to drive their organisations forward.

The flexibility to choose your own path

The structure of ACA is to hold exam sessions each quarter, and some of the exams can even be taken on-demand, giving you the flexibility to progress through our qualifications at your own pace. The flexible exams also give you the opportunity to specialise in a chosen area.

Work anywhere in the world

ACA has worldwide reputation for excellence, and the rigorous qualifications are recognised and respected across the globe.

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