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Malaysian Students Studying Abroad Increased by Over 34% from 2009-10

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 11, 2012, 06:05 am

  • The number of Malaysian students studying abroad has increased from 58,963 (2009) to 79,254 (2010). This is according to figures from the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Out of the total number of students studying abroad, 28,291 are sponsored by either government or private institution.
  • Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Egypt, the United States of America and Indonesia are the most popular destinations for Malaysian students.

  • The number of Malaysian student enrolments in Taiwan and the United Kingdom showed the strongest growth during this period.
  • From 40 in 2009, Taiwan was able to attract 5,133 Malaysian students whereas the UK and Ireland has more than doubled its Malaysian student enrolment.
  • Previously reported, UK universities have been more receptive to foreign students with Edinburgh, Manchester, York, New Castle, Cardiff, Sheffield, and Bath Universities placing no restriction on recruitment from outside the European Union.
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