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Your Guide to Understanding Foundation and Diploma Programmes

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 09, 2018, 02:13 am

Education is critical and daunting especially for school leavers who are unsure of the study routes and their options. This guide discusses all you need to know about higher education such as Foundation and Diploma programmes after secondary school.


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Diplomacertificate of graduation

A Diploma is an academic certificate issued by an educational institution after the completion of studies in their choice of course. It takes between 24 to 36 months to complete and earn a Diploma depending on the course of study.

There are various Diploma courses available at SEGi University & Colleges, including Accounting & Business, Communication, Creative Arts & Design, Early Childhood Care & Education, Hospitality & Tourism, and Computing & IT. 

The assessment module varies for each programme and some may require students to choose electives in a particular field. Throughout the studies, students are required to complete coursework/assignments and sit for final exams as well as undergo a semester of internship to gain hands-on real-world work experience.

Advantages of Diploma

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Enrolling in a Diploma programme allows students to get early exposure to real-world work experience through internships or practical training before they continue to pursue an undergraduate degree.

School leavers must identify their interests and choose a specialisation in Diploma. Hence, the learning modules are developed to enable students to master a particular skill. Best of all, it requires only a minimum of 3 credits in SPM or any equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.

A Diploma course is eligible for an education loan by PTPTN. With that, it takes the financial burden off your parents’ shoulders.



The Foundation year is an introductory programme that will equip students with the skills and knowledge to further their studies locally or internationally. It bridges school leavers from secondary studies to a university degree.

The one-year programme allows students to choose elective subjects depending on their interest. SEGi University & College Kota Damansara offers Foundation in Science, Commerce and Arts that runs full-time for three semesters.

Successful completion of the chosen Foundation programme at SEGi will allow students to progress onto more than 130 articulation pathways for undergraduate degrees. Throughout the study, apart from the elective subjects, students will also be exposed to a variety of subject areas and it enables students to develop the learning skills crucial to pursue a degree.

Advantages of Foundation

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The Foundation year enables students to fast-track their education to a degree. After spending only a year in Foundation, upon completion, you can immediately enrol in your choice of undergraduate degree.

In the three semesters, students have the chance to study a variety of subjects without having to specialise in a particular field. The elective subjects allow you to understand your interest in a field before choosing a degree.

PTPTN loan is available, provided that students complete both Foundation and Degree in the same institution. School leavers can now enrol in SEGi Foundation programmes by paying a monthly installment of RM360.

Why SEGi?

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As one of the most established private higher education providers in Malaysia with more than 40 years of excellence, students will learn from world-class academicians in a conducive environment that is fully equipped with top-notch facilities and amenities.

SEGi offers up to 100% tuition fee waiver for applicants with excellent academic results. School leavers can apply with forecast SPM results now to secure your future. Seize this opportunity to redeem RM1,000 early bird incentive and event rebate. For details, visit SEGi University & Colleges.

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