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Your Guide to Studying Logistics in Malaysia

Published by on Jan 11, 2018, 01:38 am

While many rang in 2018 with much cheer and hurrah, one group of individuals who would’ve felt a tinge of nervousness slowly creep up behind them are fresh graduates. One reason for this could be that the job market in 2018 is looking rather bleak, at least according to the Malaysian Employers Foundation (MEF) director Shamsuddin Bardan, who was recently quoted in an article. 

The best way to ensure a fresh graduate will have a job is to choose wisely, preferably after doing extensive research, and possibly choosing a career that is future proof. One such course that is gaining popularity is Logistics Management. We spoke to Balakrishnan Muthukaruppan, Director of Customs Brokerage & Trade Compliance at PKT Logistics Group Sdn. Bhd. to shed some light on this industry-oriented course.

“To put it in simple terms, logistics is about the movement and organisation of goods. Students will explore the area of supply chain management, inventory management, transport operations and the like,” says Balakrishnan. 

“Logistics is part and parcel of our everyday lives, that includes what goes into our food, the arrival of a product we ordered and even how we commute from point A to B. Common examples would be courier companies such as DHL, FedEx and Pos Malaysia”, he says, adding that the course is aimed to equip students with proper knowledge on the nature and contribution of logistics management functions at a professional level, via exposure to a blend, of in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, giving students unrivalled preparation to face the harsh environment of the working world.

Speaking of the working world, the questions on the tips of almost every student’s lips when it comes to a new course is a simple one: 

“What are my job prospects after graduation?” One only has to look at the excess of companies sprouting up all over the country and overseas to find the answer. Newer start-ups like Uber, Grab and Lyft have joined the old guard, such as DHL, FedEx and Pos Malaysia, in being but a handful of the hundreds of companies a Logistics Management graduate could apply to.

In the last few years, the rapid growth in internet marketing and online shopping has tremendously increased the need for logistics management. Unlike a regular business major, logistics graduates possess excellent knowledge on supply chain management and how goods are being moved about. 

The beauty of it all, is that there are numerous fields one can branch out into. “Depending on which area of business they would like to venture in, whether if it’s F&B, automobile companies or even fashion, this makes them highly employable and sought after by employers. For those who are ambitious, they can even start their own business.”

In short, the demand for logistics graduates is on the rise, and it’s relatively easy finding an employer, whether it be with logistics services providers, shipping companies, trading companies, transporters and more.

This course is suited to someone who values time and proper management, likes things to be organised and structured, cares about the details, and is hands on.“These are the core qualities of an excellent logistician”, Balakrishnan says, noting that it matters not whether you come from an arts or science stream. “Basically, every subject that students will study in a Logistics Management course will be new and exciting because it's not something they studied in secondary school.”

Now you know the what, why and how, leaving only one question burning in the background, where? Peninsula College makes a huge case for being the answer. Fuelled by their affiliation with the logistics juggernaut PKT Logistics, a multiple award-winning logistics company, and under the stewardship of Dato’ Micheal Tio, Peninsula College stands out from the crowd for the following reasons:

1. It's a corporate college where students study and work part time in a corporate environment, extinguishing the gulf that usually exists between a student and a working adult.

2. Peninsula College offers attractive scholarships and affordable fees to ensure students will be able to pursue their higher education without financial worries.

3. Peninsula College's campuses are top notch and ‘Googly’, which sends out good vibes and provides a comfortable study environment for their students.

4. Collaboration between PKT Logistics and Peninsula College creates a lot of exciting opportunities to students. Students are able to participate in the Jom Bekerja Sambil Belajar programme to earn extra pocket money as well as gain experience in the logistics industry through ‘part-time jobs’. Students also have the chance to work directly with DMT via the Young Entrepreneur Program where they run the Lighthouse Shop under DMT's mentoring. Last but not least, students will graduate with a job guaranteed for them.

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