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What Is the Fastest Pre-U Pathway to Get Degree?

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 15, 2020, 05:19 pm

Nowadays, pre-university programmes are a hit with both parents and students alike –, especially foundations. Foundation programmes are a great choice if you wish to skip a few years for your higher education. Typically lasting only a year, students can immediately pursue their bachelor’s degree and be ahead of the race.

However, foundations can be pretty costly compared to some pre-university options. But what if we tell you that you can actually study Foundation for free? Because it’s actually possible at the University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS)!

UCTS Foundation Sponsorship

At UCTS, full sponsorship to cover the tuition fees for the Foundation Programmes are available for qualified Malaysian students. UCTS Foundation Sponsorship is a three tier financial assistance to help students entering Foundation programmes at UCTS.

The three-tiers are determined by students’ SPM (or equivalent) results. Students with 4A’s and above are subjected to a full scholarship (including hostel fee)! Sponsored students will also gain an immediate entry to UCTS bachelor’s degree programmes upon completion of their Foundation

One of the top foundation programmes that you can find are Foundation in Science, and Foundation in Arts. But what are your career options with such a foundation? Let’s find out.

Foundation in Science

If you’re planning on pursuing a science-related degree, then a Foundation in Science is your answer. A Foundation in Science is a university preparatory programme that focuses on subjects related to science (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology), mathematics and information technology.

Since the scope of their studies is so big, it prepares you for a smooth transition from SPM to a wide range of science-related degrees such as medicine, engineering, bioscience and computer science. A foundation in Science will equip you with comprehensive basics that will help you for your degree.

The general entry requirements are a minimum of 5 credits for your SPM (or equivalent), with emphasize on English, Mathematics, Add Maths and 2 Science Subjects.

Foundation in Arts

A foundation in Arts, on the other hand, is great for students who wish to pursue a non-science related degree.

Foundation in Arts is a university preparatory programme that focuses on subjects related to arts and humanities. Some of these subjects include languages, communications, business and accounting therefore preparing you to pursue non-science degrees such as business & accounting, communication, design, education and hospitality & tourism.

For students who are interested to pursue a foundation in Arts, they would need a minimum of 5 credits with a pass in English and History.

You should consider taking Foundation in Science or Arts if:

  • You are confident that you want to pursue a Science-related/non-Science degree
  • You want to explore different pathways under the science and arts umbrella
  • You have already decided to stick with the same institution all the way until you obtain your undergraduate degree
  • You are looking for a fast track to enter university and get a degree

Apply for UCTS’s May Intake for Foundation Programmes right HERE or get to know more about UCTS’s other courses HERE. If you’re still confused which foundation course is the best option, you can contact our counsellors by clicking HERE.

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